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Fight My Monster's Dylan Collins talks kids vs. the AAA market

"I think a lot of the triple-A publishers are looking at this tsunami of kids going 'holy Jesus, what is going to happen?' Activision has done a great job with Skylanders but there have been an awful lot of companies who have tried and who have failed to make that happen. I think the trick in such a transitioning time is to be small and nimble, because you can react. I think when you're a large company, when you're a multi-billion dollar company it's really hard to react and to make changes quickly based on what your users want." - Fight My Monster's Dylan Collins

Collins makes the point that these kids have had the internet in their lives from pretty much day-one, and expect all sorts of features that devs aren't even thinking of right now. How is it possible for the AAA market to stay on-top of these demands?

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