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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - more info on stage design

- Prankster’s Paradise begins, if you play as Riku, inside Monstro
- Gepetto calls out for Pinocchio and Riku in the distance
- climb ladders and leap from ledge to ledge
- avoid stomach acid pools
- walk on barrels and roll them as well
- Jiminy Cricket is there as well
- Jiminy asks Riku if they've met before and how he knows him before joining Riku
- a hooded man captures Pinnochio
- Prankster’s Paradise is designed with vertical depth and big drops
- there are trampolines in the area
- Popping Bubble seals enemy Dream Eaters in bubbles
- ride these bubbles for a few seconds and spring off them before they pop
- hit tonsil-like triggers to flip the stomach upside-down
- Flowmotion system allows for infinite wall jumps
- press B right after you bounce off a wall to make Sora or Riku jump off invisible ground
- the boss at the end of Prankster's Paradise is a shelled Dream Eater
- hit a switch on the stage to flip the arena upside down, which stuns the boss


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