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Project Zero 2: Wii Edition - details on new features...and an odd conversation about lips

- new camera angle
- changes to the game’s map
- new art work
- additional endings,
- new mode
- new camera angle is now third person
- Mio and Mayu have been made to look older than they were in the original game
- facial structure and clothing has been redesigned in order to make them more visually appealing

The Iwata Asks session also includes a rather creepy discussion about lips!

Shibata: Kikuchi gave a lot of detailed instructions about their faces in particular.

Kikuchi: Yes, that’s right. I was especially concerned with getting their lips right.

Shibata: Yes, he really was! For a decade now, Kikuchi has been very particular about the shape of the heroine’s lips. It got to the point where the team would say, “Not the lips again!” (laughs)

Iwata: (laughs)

Kikuchi: Well, I think that while the eyes obviously play a major role in feminine beauty, the mouth is also extremely important.

Iwata: Um, I’m not sure if we’re still discussing the game here… (laughs)


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