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RUMOR - More details on 'Acid Ghost' , a supposed Wii U game

Remember out rumor last night concerning Eminem promoting a Wii U game called Acid Ghost? Here's the next round of rumored info!

- being developed by one of Kuju Entertainment's teams
- originally intended to be published by Konami for the Xbox 360/PS3
- game features a dark sense of humor
- takes place on a cruise ship
- play as an invisible evil spirit that haunts and terrorizes passengers on the ship
- use the Wii U controller to pick up random objects, grab people's body parts, draw on the walls with blood, turn on and off lights in rooms, mess with passengers tv's, radio's, and laptops, and mess with their food when they aren't looking
- walk into a woman's room while she is sleeping and move her bed into a kitchen
- cover a kid's bed in spiders
- you're rewarded for how much you traumatize the ship passengers
- Each passenger has an individualized personality and characteristics
- online mode
- Kuji made a new demo of the game with Wii U controller ideas to show to Nintendo

Thanks to our anonymous source for the heads up!

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