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Beenox - Activision's reputation is unfair, The Amazing Spider-Man is the biggest yet

"I would certainly say from an internal perspective that the reputation Activision has acquired is probably unfair. Beenox was acquired in 2005, so it has been six years now that we've been with Activision. We had to work with Activision prior to our acquisition. There was a reason why I as the studio founder agreed to be acquired. It was because of their independent studio culture. I believed in that model, and I still believe in that model today." - Beenox studio head Dee Brown

Mr. Brown also talked about The Amazing Spider-Man, which is the company's biggest title yet.

"The Amazing Spider-Man game is the largest project we have ever done at Beenox. We've been in development for almost two years now - even more actually if you include the concepts, started thinking about the web-rush mechanic and ideas around that. So when we came out with a pretty ambitious concept, when you think about rethinking the combat system, rethinking Manhattan, rethinking the web-rush mechanic and all those kinds of things, that was pretty ambitious and Activision gave us everything we needed to accomplish that."


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