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Famitsu news - Guild 02 details, Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd revealed

Guild 02 details

- Alone is created by Takemaru Abiko and Kazuya Asano
- play as a character who awakens in the dark, having lost his memory
- explore such questions as "Who am I," "Where am I" and "What is happening?"
- Mushikera Sensha is created by Keiji Inafune
- set in World War II
- control a tank that has been converted to mini size
- face off in battle against giant insects
- Kaijuu ga Deru Kinyoubi created by Kazu Ayabe
- roughly translates into "The Friday When The Monsters Appear."
- set in the Showa Era (60s)
- takes place in a town where giant heroes and monsters have become popular amongst children
- every Friday, monsters appear in the town
- Guild 02 includes passwords which can be input into Guild 01 to unlock passwords which can be used to unlock content in Guild 02

Samurai Warriors Chronicle 2nd

- the main "Musou Enbu" mode will have branching scenarios
- these will allow players to decide what path to take
- players are shown a story flow chart
- multiple endings
- Moushou Enbu mode is a mission mode that supports local multiplayer play
- it also includes internet rankings
- Takatora Toudou and Munenori Yagyu revealed as generals, with a female general included
- due out on Sept. 13th

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