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Bravely Default: Flying Fairy - Collector's Edition details, more gameplay info, screens

- limited edition includes a copy of the game, the game's original soundtrack, an art album, an original protect case for 3DS, and a life size AR poster
- latter three items will not be sold separately
- costs ¥12,800
- sold exclusively through the Square Enix e-Shop
- job system is similar to that of Final Fantasy V, but with the element of "cost" added
- this allows for greater customization
- make use of two types of abilities during battle: Job Commands and Support Abilities
- Job Commands are standard commands that the character uses during battle
- Support Abilities are abilities whose effects are automatic without command input
- Job Commands can be set with an ability that you learned when playing as a separate job
- Support Abilities can also be set with support abilities that you learned from another job
- Support Abilities use a cost system
- freely set support abilities, regardless of their originating job, as long as you stay within cost
- earn new abilities when your job level rises
- this happens as you defeat enemies and acquire "JP" (Job Points)
- jobs can be raised up to 10 levels
- character engage in skits where they discuss current story progression, character details and stats
- this is called Party Chat, which can be activated when you see the icon pop up

More screens here

Link, Link

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