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Coming from Game Informer...

- Three Yoshi variations
- Pink Yoshi: inflated with a GamePad/Wiimote shake
- This can take Mario even higher than the flying suit can
- Pink Yoshis don’t help in horizontal movement
- Large surface area useful for collecting a bunch of airborne coins
- Gold Yoshi: shake the controller to light up the immediate area
- Also stuns nearby enemies
- Gold Yoshis show up in the Fire Snake Caverns
- Blue Yoshi: can shoot bubbles
- Can ride the adult version of Yoshi in numerous levels
- Yoshi can still eat breaks
- Collect five to fill a meter
- This rewards Yoshi’s rider with a power-up
- Camera pans out a bit in co-op
- This helps you see hidden star coins and pipes that you normally wouldn’t come across in single-player
- Boost Mode: Place up to four floating platforms at a time
- Use the GamePad touch screen in Boost Mode to pop friends out of bubbles, stun enemies, make it easier to reach the flagpole, manipulate environmental objects, swat Paratroopas
- Turn on Boost Mode by powering up the GamePad – that’s it
- Players will go through pre-selected packs of levels in Boost Rush Mode
- Collecting coins makes the auto-scroll faster
- Limited amount of lives given at the start of each pack
- Dying doesn’t reset the clock


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User avatar
10 Sep 2012 23:46

Yoshi can still eat berries?

Also, I agree, the finicky waggle was one of the mayor issues I had with NSMBWii... I had hope that Nintendo didn't include it, deluding myself of course.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 00:08

@NeroSuferothI dunno, I actually enjoyed the shake in NSMB Wii; I just found it natural. The rolling in DKCR? MY GOD WAS THAT ANNOYING.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 00:11

Why was the thumbnail for this story a picture of a MLP fancharacter?
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 00:43

@Autosaver it's probably the avatar of @Mario1234567 showing up as the thumbnail.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 01:03


The characters kept doing spin jumps and all that other nonsense randomly on me.. And even worse, when I did needed to do such moves, often times they didn't respond... It was pretty frustrating.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 01:07


Stop playing the game while jumping up and down I guess? :P Seriously though I never had that happen to me ever.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 01:14


It wasn't all of the time, but I couldn't go through a normal gaming session without it happening somewhat frequently.
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 02:24

gtt wrote:"Pink Yoshi: inflated with a GamePad/Wiimote shake"

damnit, I thought DCKR would have been the last of waggle. oh well, maybe it can play with the pro controller.

It was already confirmed that on the Wii U GamePad the waggle is mapped to one of the face buttons.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 02:58


Oh come on stop it already, the flicking mechanic in NSMBW worked PERFECTLY FINE. I would even add that the fact that it's a flick and not a button works better when you use the spinning move as a panic button.

I get it you don't like "waggling" as you call it. But refusing to use it ALL the time and EVEN in games that work well is just being stubborn and close-minded. I mean look at speed runs for this game, skilled gamers can't stop using the damn spinning move all the time and they don't seem to complain.

And it's the exact same situation in DKCR. The only reason why there is more people complaining is because DK is a very popular franchise for soft-core 360 players who kinda remember playing this game as kids. And the internet happens to be filled with these guys. Still they seem to forget that they almost don't count from a business standpoint but oh well, let them dream.

But the game is not less playable as it is than NSMBW. And yes I totally agree with Bitblock when he says a flick feels way better than button pressing. I'll explain it to you guys: buttons and d-pad or analog are an interface. Wiimote movements allow us to get rid of that interface which is why it's more immersive. It'll always feel better imo to flick the wiimote to try to save my life in NSMBW, to land a combo in No More Heroes, to perform a stunt in Mario Kart, to pound the ground in DKCR, to spin attack in Mario Galaxy, to sword attack in Twilight princess...etc. Even if it's just "waggling".
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 03:20

I don't care if the waggle is optional. If not, then f-you Nintendo.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 03:33


How does it feel better?


Meanwhile, I think shaking in NSMBW is idiotic, but I had no problem with rolling in DKCR.

What I hated in DKCR was shaking to blow stuff.

The problem for me is when they map everything to the same shake function.

And with NSMBW it felt unnatural, and I would barely be moving and the remote would think I shook it and I'd get messed up.


If by "nice" you mean "tacked on and unnecessary", then yes.

Oddly enough, for a company that introduced motion controls to mainstream gaming, Nintendo themselves have a lot of totally unnecessary and tacked on waggle that doesn't really benefit the experience in some of their 1st party games.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 06:26

I've got to agree with TheBitBlock.

Stop jumping up and down while playing New Super Mario Bros and you won't shake for no reason. I really want to see this "too sensitive" complaint in motion, as I've moved the remote before slightly without any spin. It seems to only trigger in "intensive" or quick flicks.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 07:13

Great... more waggle.

This could've easily been avoided if Nintendo had an extra button on the Wiimotes.

Shake == action is nothing more than "we ran out of buttons and this is the only input option left".
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 08:03

I love how most of the people are complaining about shaking the Wiimote.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 08:28

Why the complains about some simple shaking? I really don't see how that is a big deal at all. Even if you're not a fan of any kind of motion, shaking slightly is still incredibly easy and shouldn't bother at all. Though, can't speak for all people. ._.

Anywho, I like this game more and more. Now I wanna see the Koopalings and Boom-Boom in action. :3
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 08:34

ITT: Complaining about a feature you don't have to use.

These comments just scream "I never was paying attention to this game, so I'm complaining about what I don't understand!"

Not to mention, oh boo hoo, you move your arms, get over it already, you're acting like you have to participate in the goddamn Olympics.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 09:05

I swear, I think some people are so against motion control just because they're lazy.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 09:19

DonnyKD wrote:ITT: Complaining about a feature you don't have to use.

These comments just scream "I never was paying attention to this game, so I'm complaining about what I don't understand!"

Not to mention, oh boo hoo, you move your arms, get over it already, you're acting like you have to participate in the goddamn Olympics.

Yeah, this has to be a joke account.

MoldyClay is 100% right. Motion control certainly isn't game breaking, but it feels tacked on and unnecessary. The blowing mechanic in DKCR almost ruined the game for me. I can't believe another human being actually thought up something so silly.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 09:29

@MoldyClay I never had a problem with it. It only worked when I wanted to and it was never at a time that I needed to have precise controls. I liked it. I don't like shaking in dkcr at all though.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 09:32

@toadster101: "Yeah, this has to be a joke account."

If by "joke account", you mean "the only one making some goddamn sense", then yes, "joke account".

I never played DKCR, so I don't know how that feels, but for god's sake, all you have to freaking do in NSMBW is FLICK. ONCE.

And you don't even need to do that often. Bitching for the sake of bitching.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 10:17


I don't jump up and down while I play.. I've been gaming for 28 years, I went through that stage a looong time ago.

MoldyClay already described the problem exactly like it happens... I would barely move the controller and it would register like if I was shaking it, sometimes just by the pressure of me pushing buttons (and I don't mash buttons neither).. Then the opposite would happen on occasions.

Sure, it did't kept me from finishing the game, and I'm not saying it bothers too much to shake the controller once or twice... I mean I just didn't like how it was implemented in NSMBWii or in DKCR for that matter.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 11:28


I totally agree with you about the flicking mechanic in nsmbw. It felt really natural and just by replacing a single move like "waggling" a controller instead of using such a combination of buttons or using an additional button makes the game totally easier for other people. I got my parents play mario kart wii, playing nsmbw, mario party 9, etc. All this games use motion controls (and mario kart wii used this automatic/manual drift choice) and it made them easier for them. The same happened with dkcr. Thanks to the "always run" mechaninc when you use the wiimote and nunchuck I got my dad playing it with no problems (he's getting old so he doesn't figure out how to run and jump by pressing 2 buttons at a time, and for some people that doesn't play games at all, that's hard, there's a lot of people that doesn't run on mario games).

That's my opinion, I really like the way they add motion controls, it really makes games easier to play

have a nice day! thanks for reading
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 14:18

I never had a problem with the shacking in SKCR. I actually really liked it. Retro know what they are up to!

In NSMBWii I gor used to it after the first world with ease. But it did feel a bit unnatural.

I like "waggle" as long as it's done right! Madworld is, for me, the prime example. They made waggle FUN!

I'll have to test NSMBU before I can decide though, and so should all f you too!
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 14:35

hmm, still no info on online features, hope Nintendo doesnt fail in that division
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 17:07

Gummbah wrote:hmm, still no info on online features, hope Nintendo doesnt fail in that division

I can almost assure you that there will be zero online multiplayer.

and I didn't mind the shake motion in galaxy. it's just in 2d platformers it doesn't work for me. I won't finish dkcr until I mod my wii. I dig the wiimote for pointing and things, but waggle in 2d platformers is just my kryptonite.

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