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Australia getting Wii U Nintendo Direct at same time as Europe, NA

Coming from Nintendo of Australia's website...

Looks like most of the world is going to get its Wii U information at the very same time. Pretty exciting stuff, if you ask me!


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11 Sep 2012 13:07

These events have great potential to exceed E3 2012 in hype. Lower expectations + actual announcements, should be pretty great!
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 13:18

I don't know what the chances are, but I hope we see Retro's project. I mean, if I remember correctly, they called it off at the last minute during E3 so that means it must have been close to being ready to show, so maybe we will see it this time. I'm not holding my breath but still, it'd be cool.
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11 Sep 2012 13:35

Is there any way to watch the North American conference?
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 13:55

Can't wait. Though, that's what I will have to do... *sad*

Anywho, not sure which I should watch live. ._.
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 19:10

won't this just be the same conference as the europe or american one?

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