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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 rated for Wii U by Brazilian age rating board

Kind of hard for the age rating board to classify a game that doesn't exist. Either this age rating is a mistake, or the game we all know is coming to Wii U just got a bit more confirmed! Thanks to Pellican for the heads up.

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User avatar
11 Sep 2012 16:55

So yeah, it's coming. It will probably be announced on thursday
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 16:56

Jeez man... @LegendofSantiago beat me by a few seconds...

Do you just sit here all day in front of the computer? Or do you have a really good RSS app?
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 16:58

Do people still think this game is NOT coming to the WiiU? I mean... really? Really really? Really with sugar on top?
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 18:11

@MarteenGreen Twitter is the only thing i use. It also helps to know everything that will be reported on here before RMC does it. Most stories i comment on i know in advance thanks to research i do
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 18:14

So will this version have all the features and graphics of the 360 version?
User avatar
11 Sep 2012 18:21

I believe this is one of the "surprises" Nintendo left to unveil this week in order to create more hype. Not sure it was a good strategy, though, as it made so people worried about the quality and quantity of the third party support.
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 19:20

men , how do people find those things , i was always sure ... except well the ea bait and switch made me nervous . we'll see in a few hours
User avatar
12 Sep 2012 11:06

As long as it is a full featured COD experience with maybe a few more bells and whistles thrown in there, I will be happy about CODBLOPS2 on WiiU.

and Treyarch hasn't let us down yet on Wii, so why would they on far more powerful hardware?

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