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Guild 01's 'Liberation Maiden' rated by OFLC

Something is definitely up with Guild 01. We already have multiple hints that the title is going to be released in the states. Now we have an OFLC rating for one game in the Guild 01 package. Could Guild 01's games end up getting separate eShop releases? Thanks to Oregano for the heads up!


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11 Sep 2012 17:18

The strange thing is that with eShop releases Nintendo is usually listed as the publisher. I doubt they'd be dumb enough to try to sell it on its own though and it would be stupidly expensive for them to get each game rated separately for the compilation.
No Avatar
11 Sep 2012 19:15

oh i hope so , they should really bring all japanese game in the eshop without rating , i don't care . Liberation maiden is the goichi game i think , so .... bought

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