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Nintendo of Europe press site uploads GBA boxarts - 3DS GBA VC inbound?

We know that the Japanese and European 3DS eShops are going to have a service disruption around the same time of Thursday's Nintendo Direct. Now we see that Nintendo of Europe's press site has added in some GBA boxats for no apparent reason. Could this be a hint at the 3DS VC getting a GBA boost in the near future?


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User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:14

So it seems pretty much confirmed at this point. Good, i want to buy more GBA games on the 3DS!
No Avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:15

Would buy Mario Golf Advance Tour... hell, I'd buy the GB version if Nintendo ever releases it.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:15

Oooo. Gimme my Superstar Saga plz!
No Avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:16

please release battle network!!
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:19

Good, I hope they will include Golden Sun.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:20

megajacobf wrote:please release battle network!!

OMG yes battle network please!!

Also I like how NA isn't announcing a direct or doing anything at all. *sigh*
No Avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:24

I see Mario and Luigi Super Star Saga....... WANT NOW!!!!!!
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:25

Hisiru wrote:Good, I hope they will include Golden Sun.

I would go craaaaazy if they did. I wonder what the prices would be on GBA games. I can see them going for $8 at most, hoping for $5 though.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:30

Sounds cool, hope it's true! Although I hope they get out the Ambassador Games quickly enough that we start getting some new stuff eventually. Although it'd be great if they'd also update the GBA games, they're really basic-basic-basic.

...and yeah, hopefully other sites don't just start pouring the hate on Nintendo for doing it either. I get the feeling people who don't even have Ambassador Games are going to complain as if they were, just to add another bullet point to their hate-Nintendo list. I've got'em and -I- want them out there for everyone, especially if it means getting more GBA games eventually.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:37

Superstar Saga? SIGN ME THE EHF UP.

I've been meaning to get into the Mario & Luigi games and this would be the perfect way to do it. Make it happen, Nintendo.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:39

@MoldyClay You'll be able to play all the games in the series on the 3DS as well so it's a good place to start. The bowser one is pretty cool
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:40

WANT!!! (>O_O)> :mario: and Luigi Super Star Saga
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:41

rockmankun wrote:
megajacobf wrote:please release battle network!!

OMG yes battle network please!!

Also I like how NA isn't announcing a direct or doing anything at all. *sigh*

We haven't even gotten any more GameBoy Mega Man titles, or the first 3 NES releases like Japan has, so yeah. It's either Nintendo or Capcom holding things up, and my money is on Capcom.
No Avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:41

yep one more bullet point for the usual nintendo-hate list
i'm glad i got those games , i'm looking forward to the other metroid that way i could retire all the cartridges i bought just before the ambassador announcement .
Also rhythm tengoku gba and well that's pretty much it .
Next DS download hoping for ouendan 1 .
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:45

Didn't noticed super star saga. I traded mines years ago. I'll be good to replay it!
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 18:54

OH GOD YES! Please make this a confirmation.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 19:09

Advance Tour? Either: a: Wii U has Toadstool Tour on its GCN virtual console and you can connect between the two versions or b: Whoever decided these was an idiot.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 19:50

*Scans the comments*

Well, I'm glad you're all reasonable in your requests.

Didn't really use my GBA for much than Golden Sun and Pokemon myself, though.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 20:17


Right? My thinking exactly! Haha. Good times.




Same as you, only games I actually own on GBA are Pokemon, Golden Sun, NES Castlevania 1, Nightmare in Dreamland, Zelda, Metroid and Final Fantasy IV.

So I would gladly accept anything.
No Avatar
02 Oct 2012 20:48

Don't forget Nintendo Australia also had a slip up with having GBA section on their eShop page.

I would love it SO much if the started selling GBA games on the eShop.
The games I would 100% get straight up are Pokemon, Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem and Golden Sun. I would get other games but I would take a look at them first.

Wow! If they do announce this, then I would go straight to EB Games and buy a $30 eShop card. Depending on the amount of games I would want to get within the first couple weeks, I might buy more eShop cards.

I just bought a $30 card yesterday to buy Mutant Mudds and Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. Which cost me $21. I was planning on saving the $9 for when Pokemon Dream Radar came out, but that very night the 3 packs of New Super Mario Bros.2 levels came out, so I spent the $9 on it. Now I'm going to have to buy another card so I can get Pokemon Dream Radar in a weeks time and next month, Pokedex 3D Pro.

It was a MASSIVE coincidence. The very day a buy the eShop card the NSMB2 DLC comes out. And the exact amount of change I had left, was the total costs for the DLC. Weird huh?

Keeping in mind, I live in Australia, so all the prices above are based on the prices for Australia.
User avatar
02 Oct 2012 21:11

I hope they sell Mario Tennis, because I never got around to buying that version. I have the Golf one, and it makes me disappointed that they just have the Golf one up there.
User avatar
03 Oct 2012 03:23

Aaaaah Superstar Saga! Really hope this will happen...

Also, I wouldn't mind ambassador games back on there. Yeah, they lose their "exclusivity", but you got them for free and a year earlier...
User avatar
03 Oct 2012 11:58

I hope this is true, we really need GBA games made available somehow now that you can't play them on a 3DS console. And Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga is pretty cool.

However, I hope the game selection is a bit better than the ones they showed. Mario and Luigi? Great. Mario Golf Advance Tour? Good. Super Mario Ball? Who gives a toss about it?

What we need are Mario and Luigi, Mario Golf, the GBA 3DS Ambassador games, and various cool third party titles like Castlevania (Circle of the Moon, Harmony of Dissonance and Aria of Sorrow), Mega Man games, etc. Have all these games available for the eShop soon, and I guarantee many more people would use it.

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