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Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS Heats up for the Holidays (release dates, new games and more)

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nintendo 3DS owners are getting an amazing lineup of downloadable games for the holidays and beyond. Original games, classic games and demos will all be making an appearance in the Nintendo eShop. Fans also will soon find downloadable versions of select Nintendo 3DS hits that have already launched as packaged goods.

Nintendo 3DS owners will see a sequel to fan-favorite Pushmo, classics like Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania: The Adventure, plus a series of three original games developed by LEVEL-5 and several well-known Japanese collaborators.

“The Nintendo eShop demonstrates Nintendo’s commitment to providing consumers with unique digital content through a combination of creativity and convenience,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “The variety and quality of games coming this year is unmatched, from new entries in established franchises to original properties.”

The following content is scheduled to launch in the Nintendo eShop in 2012:


NightSky launches Oct. 25. NightSky is an action-puzzle game that offers an ambient game-play experience with cerebral challenges that fill uniquely designed, picturesque worlds. Each of these worlds is broken into different areas in which the player must maneuver a sphere by using realistic physics to advance.

Crashmo launches Nov. 22. Players can embrace the laws of gravity and challenge themselves with a whole new kind of action-puzzle play in this exciting sequel to the critically acclaimed Pushmo. New gravity mechanics and gadgets like floating blocks, doors and move switches await, testing players’ skills as they push, pull and slide each puzzle’s colorful blocks in order to climb to the top. Just be careful where those blocks are moved—unsupported blocks will come crashing down. Crashmo contains lots of puzzles to test your brains, and enhanced puzzle-creation and -sharing features mean that even when all the puzzles are cleared, the fun never has to stop.

Fluidity: Spin Cycle arrives on Dec. 27, letting players tilt, turn and even rotate their Nintendo 3DS system 360 degrees to maneuver a puddle of water named Eddy through a maze-like, magical world. Change from liquid to a block of ice or a steam cloud to solve fun, gravity-defying puzzles and defeat Goop monsters. Fluidity: Spin Cycle features a new storybook setting to explore that spans the ages, from a lost world full of dinosaurs to the modern world and beyond.

Three original games from LEVEL-5 and several well-known Japanese collaborators will launch in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS before this holiday season. The first of these games, SUDA 51’s LIBERATION MAIDEN, is set 100 years in the future, when the president of Japan boards her Liberator, Kamui, and fights to free her country one region at a time. AERO PORTER by Yoot Saito and Yasumi Matsuno’s CRIMSON SHROUD are also slated for release by the end of the year.

Get ready to unleash pedestrian-tossing pandemonium with Grace and Savannah in Tokyo Crash Mobs, a fast-paced action-puzzle game coming to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS in early 2013. Players will need lightning-fast reflexes and an eye for strategy to survive the three chaotic weeks that lie ahead for our heroines, as they take on anyone and anything that gets in their way.


Super Mario 3D Land, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D and Mario Kart 7 will become available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop on Oct. 18 at a price of $39.99 each. Additional Nintendo 3DS software currently only available at retail stores will become available in the Nintendo eShop in the future.


Mario Golf (launches Oct. 11)
Castlevania: The Adventure (launches Oct. 25)
Ninja Gaiden (launches Nov. 8)
Zelda II – The Adventure of Link (launches Nov. 22)
Wario Land II (launches Dec. 20)
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (launches Dec. 27)


Two demo versions of Style Savvy: Trendsetters will be available for download from the Nintendo eShop. The first demo is available today and lets players participate in a fashion contest, create an outfit based on the contest theme, style their model’s hair and makeup and send her down the runway. The second demo will be available on Nov. 1, and lets players style their clothes and makeup, and then connect to the Internet via Nintendo Network to visit the online Fashion Plaza where they can check out ensembles that actual Style Savvy: Trendsetters players have created. Any items purchased using in-game currency in this demo version can be transferred to the full game. Style Savvy: Trendsetters will launch in stores and in the Nintendo eShop on Oct. 22.

Additional game demos coming soon include:

Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why’d you steal our garbage?!! from D3Publisher
Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion from Disney Interactive
LEGO The Lord of the Rings from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
Moshi Monsters: Moshlings Theme Park from Activision
Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed from SEGA

Remember that Nintendo 3DS features parental controls that let adults manage the content their children can access. For more information about this and other features, visit http://www.nintendo.com/3ds. For more information about Nintendo, visit http://www.nintendo.com.

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24 total comments (View all)
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:45

Nintendo just made the 3DS look a whole lot better.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:47

User avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:47

Awesome can't wait for the Adventure Time and Disney Epic Mickey demoes! Also pretty pumped for Wario Land II, never played that back in the day. Skipped straight from Wario Land 1 to 4.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:48

robometal cowboy wrote:Super Mario 3D Land, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D and Mario Kart 7 will become available for purchase from the Nintendo eShop on Oct. 18 at a price of $39.99 each. Additional Nintendo 3DS software currently only available at retail stores will become available in the Nintendo eShop in the future.

God damn it, Nintendo.
No Avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:48

Etrian Odyssey 4 and now all this?

Holy crap.

While they were late to the digital party, it seems to be a huge part of the future of Nintendo. Awesome. So much good stuff, I don't know where to begin.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:49

The spacing in between VC games is fucking disgraceful. I hope these aren't the only releases.

Crashmo. <3
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:50

O were actually getting the lost levels =O. Still no mega man tho. Can't wait for the adventure time demo.

Edit: I knew I forgot something, no Harmoknight =[
No Avatar
04 Oct 2012 14:57

rockmankun wrote:O were actually getting the lost levels =O. Still no mega man tho. Can't wait for the adventure time demo.

Edit: I knew I forgot something, no Harmoknight =[

in due time, we will get more megaman! and i think that this year is already crowded with titles that nintendo might want some IPs for 2013,so maybe harmokight could come here in 2012
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:03

give me a white 3ds xl bundle!
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:08

Another thing I have noticed: No Unchained Blades. Was sales on the PSN so poor that they don't want to risk it on the 3DS?
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:19

Oh man, two Wario Land games in one year? Whee~
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:41

This is all fantastic news, especially crashmo


User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:41


You know it is.

Every two weeks is still better than what it's been, but nothing will ever be as good as the short-lived 8-Bit "Month" (that's no summer, and we never got the crappy Sonic games).
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 15:50

Pretty sweet list. I don't know how much time I'll have for these games (or money for that matter) but I will probably download quite a few of them in the future.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 16:38

Can you imagine if all the info Nintendo is releasing now through their press releases and Nintendo Directs were inserted into their E3 presentation? That would've easily made it the best one at E3.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 18:43

Disappointed by the amount of VC games. And where are the 2 Sonic games? And it's pretty much crap that we get Wario Land II after 6+ months of Japan and Europe having it.
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 18:54

robometal cowboy wrote:
Ninja Gaiden (launches Nov. 8)

Ninja Gaiden (launches Nov. 8)


User avatar
04 Oct 2012 20:41

Times aren't really looking good for the 3DS, are they? I think it's pretty obvious Nintendo is concerned as well about the holiday sales and try to use every little trick in their bag to boost em.. but lack of new 1st party killer titles for the system is really hurting it, along with lackluster 3rd party support in the west. Old games coming to eShop and a few new demos is hardly anything to get excited or make a press release about, after all they should be coming (and sometimes do) with a steady supply once a week. I fear Nintendo is moving too slow and taking too small steps with the 3DS, by now we should have GBA games in there and probably SNES, Megadrive games too.. New Zelda for 3DS should be at the very least announced by now, if you don't have resources to do a full-fledged 3D Zelda adventure for portable at this point at least make a 4 Swords title or something to keep the momentum going. Still no WarioWare, WTF, that should've been out close to launch. 3D upgrades of VC titles were promised, there have been a whopping six titles by now, most of them made for crappy games to begin with. Advance Wars, where you at? No full-fledged Pokémon game either, that could've been a killer title/system seller, but Nintendo chickened out because of the smaller install base and put it on the old DS instead. A portable "3DS Sports" title with online/local network play, scoreboards etc wouldn't have been a bad idea either and would surely have moved 3DS units with the franchise merits alone, but nnoooooo.

We haven't seen Earthbound, F-Zero, or portable Metroid in ages, Donkey Kong needs to be on the system, last year was the 30th birthday of DK but again, no show on the 3DS. Still no word on when the drought is over. I appreciate the effort Nintendo, but this is way too little, if you want to stay a viable player in the portable gaming space against the tablets, smartphones and all the other bullsh!t "gaming" devices you need to step up the pace! Hire me if you don't know what to do, I will get this sorted out for you;)
User avatar
04 Oct 2012 20:44

rockmankun wrote:Another thing I have noticed: No Unchained Blades. Was sales on the PSN so poor that they don't want to risk it on the 3DS?

I was thinking the same thing. I waited all summer for it on the 3DS, and it never showed up. I even tried asking them about it on several occasions just to be ignored. So I gave up. If it does release somewhere down the road I'll get it later.
No Avatar
05 Oct 2012 01:20


I'm not really seeing your logic in the belief the 3DS is on its last gasps. :?:

So we haven't seen anything about some of Nintendo's IPs yet, its not like they aren't working on them. I've noticed that Nintendo seems to be releasing information about their games though Nintendo direct the quarter they get released instead of reveling all their games in development at E3.
User avatar
05 Oct 2012 02:03

I think people need to understand that if Nintendo were to price these downloadable retail games cheaper than retailer's, it could really impact their relationship with them as they will see no point in investing money to provide space for these games in stores if Nintendo is going to turn around and sell it for significantly less.

It's nothing to do with me defending Nintendo but looking at the broader picture of the situation and possibility. I want to save money as much as the next guy, I'm totally for that lol

But piece these things together so you can understand at least why these games are priced as so. That's why Microsoft and Sony sell their games full price on their respective store fronts. Steam has absolutely nothing to lose since their products are not sold in stores except the very very few and infrequent releases of their games.

I remember Portal 2 rapidly dropping in price after release, too.

An alternative would be Nintendo providing Prepaid Cards for downloadable games that Japan is doing. I'm sure retailers will sell those for far less than the full retail packaging as they don't take much space. I hope Amazon starts to get their hands on them. I know they sell digital products for less vs packaged. Like Xbox Live memberships where it's $10 off if you get the code direct from the website vs getting the package with the card shipped to you.
User avatar
05 Oct 2012 03:53

Interested in Crashmo, the Guild01 stuff and surprised they are bringing over "Grace and Savannah in Tokyo Crash Mobs". Neat.

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