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Retro posts job listing for software engineer

Coming from the job listing...

Classification: Salaried Exempt
Division: Product Development
Reporting Structure: Engineering Director
Job Number: R3653

Purpose/Summary: Individual contributor that develops, writes and debugs code for video game software and tools.

*Essential Duties: Designs, develops, writes, tests and implements code. Writes clear, maintainable, portable code. Writes documentation for other programmers’ use. Anticipates, identifies and articulates problem areas and develops preventative solutions.
*This job description outlines primary duties and requirements and is not intended to identify all tasks that may be performed; individuals occupying the position may be required to perform other duties. The company may modify job duties from time to time, either in practice or in writing.

Full listing here (thanks Miles--Prower!)

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User avatar
05 Oct 2012 20:56

You are welcome, RMC!
The main thing that stuck out for me was this: "proficiency with 3D graphics techniques"
User avatar
05 Oct 2012 20:57

I REALLY hope we see something from Retro at E3...
User avatar
05 Oct 2012 21:04

One day...One day I will have this job.
User avatar
06 Oct 2012 02:18

If I was going into the video gaming industry as a career, this is where I would want to work. What Retro Studios did with Metroid and Donkey Kong Country was nothing short of PURE MAGIC!
User avatar
06 Oct 2012 02:37

All we know is they're up to something. TBH, I'm very excited to see what Retro and Monolith Soft are doing! I think those 2 studios are amazing!

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