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Nyko cans Power Grip Pro product

Coming from Nyko's Twitter...

That's too bad, as the product looked pretty interesting. I guess we'll just have to pretend like we never saw the concept design to begin with. Thanks to Sam for the heads up!


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13 Oct 2012 19:24

I don't know if this is a good thing, or if this means they don't see the 3DS market now as something they are going to support with more accessories?

The 3DS XL doesn't have a release date for a Circle Pad Pro in the US yet (did I miss it?), and a 3rd Party solution might have done well.
No Avatar
13 Oct 2012 19:33

I'm not happy about this, I was hoping to have both extra battery life and the ccp (especially for Monster Hunter) in one convenient package. Now I have to tell people I know that they canceled it. This is the main reason I held off on buying the CCP as well.
User avatar
13 Oct 2012 20:53

aw man! i had my rainy day $30 set aside for it :( bummer!
User avatar
13 Oct 2012 21:19

I was hoping it would mean one for the 3DSXL eventually. :(

There goes my hopes and dreams for a Circle Pad/battery combo.
No Avatar
14 Oct 2012 17:09

All I see is Pony..
User avatar
14 Oct 2012 19:51

Am I the only one getting a different message out of this?

The product was a concept, and they hope to release it eventually. It won't come out now, but it may come out in the future. It never had a release date and it was never finalized.

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