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GoNintendo 'End of Day' thought - What are your most played games on 3DS?

Thanks to Poopaloop for the image!

Tonight was one of those random End of Day thoughts. I usually have an idea for what I'll be writing as the day goes on, but this idea hit me out of nowhere. I owe it all to my Mom! You'll see why below. See you in a few, short hours!

My parents swing by my place every week on Thursday. They don't live far away at all, so making the trip is no big deal. Believe it or not, I actually get along really well with my parents! We always have a great time just hanging out and catching up on what's going on. Of course, there's always a discussion of gaming as well.

The gaming talk goes on between my Mom and I. While my Dad has played a few games in his time, he's not exactly a gamer. He will pick up Brain Age on a rare occasion, jump in on some multiplayer party games as well, but that's about it. My Mom has been playing video games with me since I first got my NES. She wasn't just humoring me. She's actually a big gamer.

As she usually does, she brought her 3DS along for the trip. She likes to get the scoop on what new games are on the eShop and what's worth purchasing. I also let her borrow some of my games that I think she'll like. With all that talk and her own snooping about, she's played quite a few 3DS games. I thought I'd be nosy and check out just what her most played games are.

Look at those numbers! My Mom is REALLY packing away the 3DS playtime. Sure, a card game collection might get top billing, but she's put up some big times for other games you and I are much more familiar with. I knew she played games to relax after work, but I didn't know she put in so much time! Hell, she might be more of a hardcore gamer than me!

So...those are my Mom's numbers. I thought I'd post those up and see how you guys and gals measure up! You can either link us into a screenshot (just upload a pic to imgur), or tell us the numbers via text. Let's hear what games you've really poured some hours into!

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User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:05

1. Fire Emblem @ 43:10
2. Kid Icarus: Uprising @ 27:47
3. The Legend of Zelda @ 14:57
4. Zelda: Four Swords @ 6:18
5. 3D Classics Kid Icarus @ 5:43
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:07

I have 172 hours in OoT3D , 153 hours in SSFIV3D and 1230 hours in pokemon white and finally 86 hours in resident evil: revelations.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:07

1. Mario Kart 7 - 19:43
2. Dead or Alive Dimensions - 17:28
3. Nintendo eShop - 10:50
4. Ace Combat Assault Horizon Legacy - 6:11
5. Ridge Racer 3D - 4:10 (that's actually the game I'm still playing)

User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:08

Top 15:

Mario Kart 7 - 91:23
Ocarina of Time 3D - 64:12
New Super Mario Bros. 2 - 43:46
Super Mario 3D Land - 40:12
Bit.Trip SAGA - 39:45 Where is the love for this game?
Kid Icarus Uprising - 35:02
Pokemon Black 2 - 28:51 (about 60% of my playtime, rest is on DSi)
Pilotwings Resort - 26:04
Pokemon Rumble Blast - 25:59
Link's Awakening DX - 23:37
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones - 23:22 (started game over and still haven't beaten)
Star Fox 64 3D - 22:53
Mario's Picross - 19:57
eShop - 19:42
Swapnote - 19:17
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:10

I am not with a 3DS anymore, but it was easily Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. I played that game a lot.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:28

Kingdom Hearts 3D - 67:03
Kid Icarus Uprising - 49:08
Ocarina of Time 3D - 41:18
Mario Kart 7 - 22hr
Super Mario 3D Land - I forgot, but it's fifth.

Not a bad time for a system only a year and a half old! There's only more and more coming out for it, too! On top of that, I've been spending -most- of my time lately playing older games, particularly Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance, with some Guild Wars 2 here and there.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:47

I put about 300 hours into the browser. It's an OK browser, but I'm glad I have an iPod Touch now.

The game I put the most time into was Petit Computer. About 27 hours so far. I have a notebook where I wrote down the commands and parameters. I've been meaning to get back to it so I can program a Demo.

Blurry photo here:

User avatar
26 Oct 2012 11:56

1. Mario Kart 7 - 570:36
2. Pokemon Black 2 - 81:40
3. Mario Tennis Open - 78:15
4. New Super Mario bros. 2 - 68:18
5. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 51:03
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:04

Lessee here...I'll go for top 10, minus apps. :P

#1: Kid Icarus: Uprising - 117:52
#2: Ocarina of Time 3D - 97:36
#3: Resident Evil: Revelations - 59:10
#4: Radiant Historia - 47:44
#5: Super Mario 3D Land - 33:31
#6: Mario Kart 7 - 29:59
#7: New Super Mario Bros 2 - 29:19
#8: Professor Layton and the Last Specter - 29:15
#9: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones - 24:05
#10: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - 20:49

(Fun fact: if I was including Apps, the Internet browser would be #1 with almost 200 hours clocked on it, and the Nintendo eShop would be 10th with almost 25 hours clocked in. :shock: )

I'm hoping that 3DS installment of Professor Layton and maybe Okamiden makes it on that list soonish. :P

Overall, I've got 113 titles played, 918,491 steps taken, and one minute shy of 975 hours clocked in on this awesome system of mine. :) Only gonna get bigger when I start clearing my DS backlog out.
No Avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:09

I'm actually surprised at mine:

1. Netflix - 236:18
2. LoZ-OoT 3d - 133:55
3. Pro Evo Soccer 2012 - 42:10
4. SSFIV - 36:44
5. SM3DL - 26:02

Not surprised at SSFIV and LoZ since there was that HUUUUGE drought during the launch window up until the last holiday season. Didn't realize that I played Pro Evo Soccer that long... my how time does just fly.

Hijack Time! There needs to be a thread on what's at the bottom of your lists that are not trailers or demos!

Here's mine:
196. Pac-Man (GB VC) - 6 minutes
198. Baseball (GB VC) - 5 minutes
202. Planet Puzzle League - 4 minutes (played this to death on DS, guess I just haven't been able to go back)
202. Simply Minesweeper - 4 minutes
202. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA) - 4 minutes

Bonus Points! Convince me which one of these I should put more time into and help exit from my Hall of Shame?
No Avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:17

Kid Icarus: Uprising - 107:00
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:31

Here is my Top 10

1st Internet Browser 179:56
2nd Nintendo 3DS Sound 130:31
3rd Netflix 70:51
4th Pokemon Black 55:56
5th Tales of the Abyss 48:31
6th Ocarina of Time 3D 48:20
7th Theatrhythm Final Fantasy 41:34
8th Swapnote 41:16
9th Pokemon Conquest 30:35
10th New Super Mario Bros. 2 30:33
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:36

qko wrote:Hijack Time! There needs to be a thread on what's at the bottom of your lists that are not trailers or demos!

Here's mine:
196. Pac-Man (GB VC) - 6 minutes
198. Baseball (GB VC) - 5 minutes
202. Planet Puzzle League - 4 minutes (played this to death on DS, guess I just haven't been able to go back)
202. Simply Minesweeper - 4 minutes
202. Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA) - 4 minutes

Bonus Points! Convince me which one of these I should put more time into and help exit from my Hall of Shame?

Thanks for reminding me I also have Planet Puzzle League. Playing it on the 3DS is going to be interesting, since I played it on the original DS using the buttons on the Vertical setup since the Horizontal view was too small. The Circle Pad might prove too slippery, though, so I'll try using the awkwardly-placed D-Pad. :lol:

...I never did get the hang of the touch controls. :?

Anywho, this is the bottom of my barrel. Might as well post it-- it's not too far away from the topic at hand!
(#44th is DS Download Play)

I should play more of WarioWare: D.I.Y. sometime.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:49

I'm kind of a fiend with Activity Log data, and think every console should have this sort of tracking in it. I was really happy with the improvements they made on the 3DS one over the Wii one, and I hope the Wii U one is improved even further! I'll restrain myself and only post the top ten:

1. Kid Icarus Uprising - 121:38
2. BlazBlue Continuum Shift II - 97:08
3. Super Mario 3D Land - 53:03
4. Mario's Picross - 36:11 (gotta say I didn't see that coming!)
5. Phoenix Wright Trials & Tribulations - 30:42
6. Phoenix Wright - 30:28
7. StreetPass Mii Plaza - 28:37 (1514 tags - only a bit over a minute per tag)
8. Pushmo - 25:26
9. Miles Edgeworth Investigations - 25:25
10. Apollo Justice - 24:42

There's still 15 more titles I have over 10 hours on, like Layton and the Last Spectre (the rest I played on DS), Ghost Trick, Ocarina of Time 3D, Pilotwings Resort, VVVVVV (damn Super Gravitron), Rhythm Heaven, MK7, etc... My top 10 makes it pretty obvious I didn't get into the Ace Attorney series until after the 3DS came out. Or more precisely, until PLvsPW was announced. Man do I want that game.

I've also got 1,121,828 steps taken and 101 titles played. Total time played is 893:21.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 12:54

1 - Kid Icarus: Uprising (43:33)
2 - Pokemon Platinum (39:49)
3 - Pokemon Black 2 (39:40)
4 - Ocarina of Time 3D (36:29)
5 - Mario Kart 7 (34:59)

6 - Pokemon Black (32:09)
7 - Pokemon SoulSilver (31:37)
8 - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (27:43)
9 - Kingdom Hearts 3D (23:57)
10 - Digimon World DS (22:59)

Looking at this list, one might get the impression that I like RPGs... which would be accurate, especially since the only Pokemon game on this list that has been played exclusively on my 3DS is Black 2. All the others would be over 100 hours if they included their DS play time...

I'm honestly surprised at how many hours I put into Kid Icarus, especially since I still have a ton I could go back and do. o.o
No Avatar
26 Oct 2012 13:00

those times are surreal !
i think the top four is mariokart 7 , four swords (sweet coop) , pushmo and the photo app i just can't stop looking at those 3d photo especially since i discovered the Up analog stick to get the pic in 4:3 mode .
I need more games on my own 3ds
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 13:49

My Top 10:

1. Resident Evil Revelaitons (32:52)
2. New Super Mario Bros. 2 (25:30)
3. Mario Kart 7 (23:59)
4. Resident Evil Mercenaries (23:27)
5. Mario's Picross (21:58)
6. Ocarina of Time 3D (21:02)
7. Kingdom Hearts 3D (20:59)
8. Nintendo eShop (18:30)
9. Super Mario 3D Land (18:19)
10. Heroes of Ruin (17:28)
No Avatar
26 Oct 2012 14:36

Don't have my 3DS handy, but it's

1. Kid Icarus: Uprising (and it's not even close-greatest game ever.)
2. Super Mario 3D Land
3. Not sure from here down.
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 16:42

1. Kingdom Hearts 3D (48:13)
2. Mario Kart 7 (42:07)
3. LOZ: Ocarina of Time 3D (39:19)
4. Pokemon White Version 2 (30:55)
5. Netflix (20:09)
6. Super Mario 3D Land (20:08)
7. Swapnote (20:06)
8. Super Street Fighter IV 3D (19:41)
9. Kid Icarus: Uprising (19:34)
10. Nintendo eShop (16:06)
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 18:51

Top 10:
-LoZ OoT 3D; 145:19
-SSF43D; 96:46
-MK7; 86:09
-Download Play; 64:14
-KI: Uprising; 63:58
-Internet Browser; 40:07
-SM3DL; 35:43
-Nintendo Video; 25:36
-Nintendo eShop; 22:16
Camera; 20:10
User avatar
26 Oct 2012 19:26

1. MGS Snake Eater 3D; 20:20
2. 999; 18:23
3. Dead Or Alive; 16:59
4. Resident Evil Revelations; 14:51

It looks like Virtue's Last Reward might have my new #1 spot. I just don't have much time with games right now as I am working 14 hour days and my wife always wanting my attention
User avatar
27 Oct 2012 03:33

I'm a bit late to the party, but here's my jazz:


My only retail 3DS game is OoT3D due to spending most of my money ON the 3DS in July.

This is my list after removing app stuff from the list (ones that racked up for no reason like Internet Browser and StreetPass).
User avatar
27 Oct 2012 20:21

SSF4 : 374:18
Colors 3D: 34:14
eShop: 33:51
Ocarina of Time: 22:44
Swapnote: 16:28
User avatar
28 Oct 2012 12:09

Wow, I wish I had the free time some of you guys have, my top games barely reach past 20 hours.
No Avatar
28 Oct 2012 22:02

Top 10

Sudoku 53:21
Dragon Quest IX 49:41
Super Mario 3D land 38:12
Mii Plaza 34:33 (1394 hits so far)
NSMB2 34:16
Mario and Luigi Bowsers Inside Story 33:16
Mario Kart 7 28:52
OoT3D 24:47
Dr Mario 19:22
Pokemon White 16:33

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