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Streaming live video by Ustream

- WaraWara Plaza is what you see when you power on.
- Game icons are surrounded by players talking about each game.

- You find out what other players are playing at powerup. GamePad has Channel-like UI. - entire Wii U deluxe box weighs 4.25kgkg - once again, Dragon Quest X Wii U beta test registration is included in the Deluxe version
- GamePad stand is just for playing, not charging
- first you have to create a Wii U user account, with a Mii associated with it
- up to 12 accounts per system
- Game settings, save data tied to user accounts. Browser bookmarks, play history as well.
- Video chat, other networking services require Nintendo Network ID
- Nintendo Network ID needs username, password, mail, date of birth and gender.
- Your Nintendo Network ID can be tied to your ID on 3rd-party network services
- Your Nintendo Network ID can be used to exchange contact information as the Friend Code was.
- Nintendo Network purchases by one user can be played by other users on same system
- Nintendo Network to be usable on other Nintendo game systems, PCs, smartphones.
- Browser, Miiverse, eShop require a network update
- WiiWare and VC software transfer explained on website
- suspend a game like NSMBU and search information via web browser
- On-screen keyboard, cellphone layout, stylus written input. Change to TV mid-game
- Browse other videos on the GamePad while streaming one to the TV
- add a spoiler checkbox, so that you won't ruin things for other players while posting on Miiverse
- Post game screenshots to the Miiverse community. Read response comments with advice

- You can follow other players you see in the Miiverse boards and register them as friends.
- Miiverse is supported in all Wii U games, though the implementation depends per game. No additional work from devs needed for basic implementation.
- In certain games, leave situation-specific comments and read others' thoughts there.
- In the case of NSMBU, you will see comments from others players plus their reactions to the levels.
- The same is the case for Nintendo Land. Though it will involve the Nintendo Land Plaza.

- You can draw on the GamePad and share the scribblings overlaid on the video feed.

- Video chat with registered friends is called Wii U chat. Has off-screen play.

- XING and Nintendo co-developed karaoke software Nintendo-JoySound Wii Karaoke U
- Over 90,000 songs, purchase tickets for certain lengths of time during which to use. Features online leaderboards. User settings. Regular karaoke videos, Mii performances.

- Use the built-in mic or use the Wii U mic accessory. Bundle with Wii Karaoke U trial disc.
- Director Takemoto. Two planners. 1280x720 resolution in NSMBU
- Source lighting from fireballs, star lifts. Contiguous world map like SMW, unlike SMB3.
- Forks in the road let you choose different worlds to move to. New characters. Wanted to include a flying feature, is easy to control for new players.

- Flying squirrels called Zunguri
- Nabbit steals from Toad. You have to chase him down to return the item to Toad.
- Spit out balloons with Baby Yoshi, even while flying.
- During off-screen play, use R button in place of Wiimote flips. Buddy play to add blocks.
- Wanted to create fun, self-explanatory gameplay for buddy mode. Staircases, reach stars.
- Die a few times and you'll be asked to post your frustration on Miiverse for others.
- With Mii Mode: Miis also appear in simultaneous multiplayer. 3 main modes.
- Boost Mode, Coin Battle Mode. Also: edit coin locations in stages w/ stylus.
- Challenge Mode: set your own game rules and present them as challenges to others. Replays.
- NSMBU has many new features incl. GamePad and Miiverse. Lots of modes to enjoy.

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27 total comments (View all)
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:18

I heard the phrase Friend Codes... Please tell me those are GONE FOR GOOD!
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:30

The Wii U Chat looks awesome... just sayin'
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:30

wii u chat

reggie: you hang up first

iwata: no, you hang up first

reggie: nooo, you hang up first

both giggle
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:35

the conversation with reggie was adorable.
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:36

@jesse himself

I kinda felt that too. In fact when Iwata wrote "Let's make.." I thought he was about to write "Let's make out." Freaking Reggie even drew a heart. I was like whoa.. whoa.. hold on there you two
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:37

Wow man. Nintendo network IDs confirmed. Oh and a karaoke app? Gahh whatever, the more
the merrier.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:46

I guess the karaoke app will be japan only at first...
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:48

Friendcodes being replaced! Haha! I knew it! You can keep doubting Nintendo for so long!
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:51

Dusk wrote:@jesse himself

I kinda felt that too. In fact when Iwata wrote "Let's make.." I thought he was about to write "Let's make out." Freaking Reggie even drew a heart. I was like whoa.. whoa.. hold on there you two

i like how reggie even had to explain himself at the end. "and i love wii u!"
this video is just begging to be edited into something great.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:56

New Super Mario Bros U looks like so much freakin' fun.
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:57

Reggie needs to do a US direct, with that same conversation from his point of view!

And Iwata singlehandedly imploded the internet by one upping every reviewer by unboxing the wiiu first

User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:58

This was amazing. I can't wait!
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 07:58

Man! Mario looks better and more fun than I expected! I was initially disappointed of that flying mechanic, but now it looks like the best of 3 and 4. AND the more adventurous structure from the Mario World makes my body very ready!

Also that "catch me if you can" mission looks fun...
...which could be FANTASTIC multiplayer mode at some point, especially because with the uPad you can try to hide, send email to Nintendo.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 08:01

Dusk wrote:@jesse himself

I kinda felt that too. In fact when Iwata wrote "Let's make.." I thought he was about to write "Let's make out." Freaking Reggie even drew a heart. I was like whoa.. whoa.. hold on there you two

I honestly thought he was going to write "Let's make love." at that point was beginning to feel a bit awkward. XD
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 08:16


ReggiexIwata is my OTP.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 08:23

Didn't learn as much as I thought we would about Miiverse and our Nintendo accounts.

Was kind of hoping for something along the lines of, "If you have a Club Nintendo account, you already have your Nintendo ID."
No Avatar
07 Nov 2012 08:46

It will also be released in the west very soon.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 10:24

That theme music. reminds me so much of GameCube. Love it :D
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 10:35

I have a feeling that Nintendo TVii, Wii U Chat, and Miiverse are going to be HUGE. We may actually see the Wii U become hust as popular as the Wii if these are marketed the right way!
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 12:32

Good stuff overall, but I must say the lack of Full HD in New Super Mario Bros. is disappointing to say the least. If Nintendo can't make a graphically simple 2.5D title like this run in full resolution, then don't count on many other games doing it, either.
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 12:38

That's great that karaoke pricing hasn't changed from the Wii releases but for some reason they took out the 3-day ticket and added a 1-hour ticket. 1 hour? Who does karaoke for just 1 hour? Maybe if it's by yourself?

On the minus side, Nintendo'll probably check IP addresses, so no more overseas karaoke parties. Also, will they still allow people to use the Wii version? =_=
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 12:49

Any mention on how long NNID usernames can be?
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 14:44

Awesome sauce all round [though shame that the eShop wasn't shown off]!

PS360 OS' eat your hearts out. :D
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 00:35

Unboxing Wii U? Better bring out my white gloves. lol
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 01:35

Wii U has a whole lot going for it. Nov 18th is going to be a great day!

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