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Direct link here (thanks NintenDaan!)

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User avatar
07 Nov 2012 23:38

"That better not be his wanking hand..."
User avatar
07 Nov 2012 23:49

It's good to know that, although they're doing a simple plot, it's a simple plot with soul. It's fun to watch, it's not like all the previous "We are too distracted to notice that the princess is being kidnapped". This one has so much humorous detail, like the fact that Luigi's s exclamation mark comes out late, or the way how bowser's mecha-hand moves Peach to avoid harming her. It's a decent intro, and this comes out from a guy who actually thinks that the NSMB series are mediocre.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 00:25

It's kind of clear they're not really trying anymore with the plot. I hope the same can't be said for the rest of the game.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 00:53

It's what one would expect from a Mario game, it does what it needs to.

But again, I must say. Drop one of the toads, throw Daisy in some orange overalls, and have 4 unique characters.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 00:54

It seems this game is geared toward casuals!
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 02:50

Once again people seem to think that 2D Mario platformers are and have always been big on story. HELLO MCFLY, IT IS AN HAS ALWAYS BEEN ABOUT THE GAMEPLAY! The story is incidental. It's merely there to provide an excuse for the latest journey through the Mushroom Kingdom to begin. When will this sink in? The Paper Mario series and, to a lesser extent, the 3D Mario games are where you get more of a meatier story. But let's keep b!tching anyway.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 03:51


We have every right to state our opinion. So MAKE LIKE A TREE and BEAT IT.

A game with good gameplay can also have a good story... or at least a DIFFERENT story. Super Mario Galaxy proved that, and I wish they would put that much creativity into all their Mario games.

It would take about ten seconds to think of something besides "Bowser kidnaps the Princess, but this time there's a _______ power-up".
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 04:47

I love how people are just oversimplifying the shovel out of this plot.

"Its just Bowser kidnapping Peach!"

No, its Bowser holding Peach hostage while ransacking and taking over Peach's Castle, while the Mario Bros. have to run through an entirely different land to get back. But I guess no one WANTS to realize that, huh.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:03


And i'm stating mine...soooo YOU CAN BEAT...ah whatever.

Bottom line. Just look at the first traditional 2D platforming Mario game SMB and every subsequent sequel straight up to now. It's never been nor will it ever be about the story. It's about level design and tight polished platforming gameplay. PERIOD.

Continuing to be disappointed by something that never was and never will be the focal point is an exercise in futility and stupidity, but have at it. I'll be enjoying the game for what it's really built around and save the story and text for the next 3D Mario and the upcoming latest Paper Mario game Sticker Star just as it's always been.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:17


that's humor right?

anyway seems like a perfect way to start jumping and running around ^^

like others said I like the cartoony feel and general style of this intro.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 06:48

I secretly hope the final boss ends up being Princess Peach. Although, Mario's forced Bowser to cut back. Now he can't make a round trip to kidnap Peach and back. That's what Mario gets for getting 1 Million Coins.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 12:33

eh I liked it...better than NSMBWii's at least...
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 13:08

mariomaniac45213 wrote:eh I liked it...better than NSMBWii's at least...

I loved how they caught Peach with the cake, but this Intro wins because it's not even a kidnapping. They just tossed Mario and Co. out. It's different enough to be awesome to me~

I just hope the final battle will be epic. D:
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 13:10

Man, why is everyone disappointed so suddenly? did you really expect something different? come on, that's not likely to happen, MARIO HAS ALWAYS BEEN A GAME ABOUT SAVING THE PRINCESS. Gosh.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 20:46

I liked this intro. It's the best out of all the NSMB games, IMO. I didn't really like the 'HEY LOOK AT THIS NEW THING' moment but it's whatever. It's a little less blatant than NSMB Wii's at least
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 04:22

Einar1025 wrote:Drop one of the toads, throw Daisy in some orange overalls, and have 4 unique characters.

I would've buy the game if that's the case, but unfortunetly (for me), it's not. :b

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