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The weirdest Wii U unboxing you'll see...ever

I wasn't going to do a Wii U unboxing. I felt that plenty of other outlets did it because I received my Wii U in the mail. I didn't want to bore you, and I knew other outlets could do it/did do it better than I ever could. I didn't think you guys would want one, but then I started reading Tweets.

Turns out you guys did want an unboxing, but you wanted a GoNintendo-style unboxing. Well, you're going to regret asking for this! I put it together in about a half hour of filming and then 20 minutes editing. Please...be prepared for nightmares.

Direct link here

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08 Nov 2012 03:02


www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fnmNSE5mcU&feature=youtu.be -XSinCaraX
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 04:54

now tha's how you do an unboxing video!
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:11

aw man, i was hoping that the final shot would be RMC nude with wiiU components covering his naughty bits
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:15

What the hell? Only 70+? Come on you guys, this needs to get to 100+ :(

Awesome as always, RMC. Could have used a little more nudity, but no matter. ^^ Shame MoMBrain probably left you now. :cry:
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:21

What did I just watch...
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:26

1 negative vote.

You are banned, you know that, right?
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:32

Mirr0rR3flection wrote:Image

I love you now, Mirror. :lol:
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:38

haha that was hilarious :)
much better than the Kotaku unboxing!
You can feel the love in this one ;)
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:42

I love you, RMC :D

The ending is just pure gold!
No Avatar
08 Nov 2012 05:49

Well, I was initially, mildly entertained. Then Mom Brain entered and, yes, I lold.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 07:38

Terrifying but funny :D
No Avatar
08 Nov 2012 09:39

Mom Bra1n ALWAYS interrupts you at the most crucial moments... always. I feel for you, RMC. Funny stuff BTW. Mildly disturbing O_o... but funny, lol.
No Avatar
08 Nov 2012 12:13

Unfortunately, this SME-music-content is not available in Germany because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.

Stop putting commercial music into YouTube videos already...
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 12:16

sorry,but unboxing stuff is just the wrongest of wrongs,its beyond geeky.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 13:51

LSF22 wrote:
lockNES wrote:LMAO This was by far the best and most erotic unboxing video I've seen today.

Take that game journos! That's how you spice up an unboxing while adding personality and humor.

Just today? I would think all-time...

very funny ending. good job rmc.

Yeah it probably is the best all time since the unboxing bar isn't that high to begin with, especially in the entertainment and eroticism aspects. Just after seeing every big site post up unboxings of the Wii U made me want to directly compare it with every other unboxing video that was released.
No Avatar
08 Nov 2012 15:15

well ok best unboxing video ever ! only one that i've actually watched but still
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 17:15


my inopportune interruptions always wind up on the cutting room floor.
User avatar
08 Nov 2012 23:16

Best unboxing I've seen since this 3DS one!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FDChShp ... plpp_video

Seriously nice work, RMC. :P
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 13:39

MMM look at that slot!

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