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08 Nov 2012 23:51

By "FPS Style" I was sorta hoping for a cheesy parody of something like Modern Warfare style objective prompts appearing on screen saying "unpack games," and for every competent removed it would say "picked up 5 games" or "1 sensor bar obtained," but hey whatever.

Oh my gosh I normally don't care to watch "unboxing" videos, but for Wii U I just can't help but want to watch (yours is still the best I've seen so far, RMC!). Oh gosh I can't wait! The only think I feel I should mention is this: those two things he pulled out and didn't know what they are, that's the stand things for the Wii U itself so you can place it on its side like the Wii (actually didn't know it even know that's what the stand was at first, I initially thought I'd place the system horizontally like my Xbox 360, but now I'm wondering if I'll go vertical like my Wii... I'll just see when the time comes).

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