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EoD - Instagram fun

Scribblenauts Unlimited - Nintendo character footage

Direct link and more clips here

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08 Nov 2012 23:51

LOL! Poor Yoshi... XD

Man Scribblenauts Unlimited looks EPIC!

It would be cool if they made Nintendo themed levels or exclusive ones.
No Avatar
09 Nov 2012 00:27

That was awesome.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 00:45

I think I'll play this a lot just to see all the combinations I can do! xD
Cthulhu VS Bowser!!!
Goron VS toad!
T-Rex VS Yoshi!
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 02:18

Why did 'Peach' give Princess Peach rather than the fruit?
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 08:22

Awww that was adorable XD I'm sure this game will sell a lot just for that particular feature. Probably it's not complete, but I'll still ask for Petey Piranha, Birdo, Buzzy Beetle, Spiny, Spike and Lakitu just to try :lol:
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 11:39

This is going to be soooooo awesome
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 11:44

Totodile wrote:Why did 'Peach' give Princess Peach rather than the fruit?

When you get words with multiple meanings the game will ask "Did you mean?" and list the meaning in parenthesis
so in this case it must of listed like Peach (fruit), Peach (Princess).
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 12:34

And Finaly bowser defeat mario

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