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Two Tribes talks Toki Tori 2's file size

Coming from Two Tribes' Twitter...

Random fact: Tori 2's file size on Wii U is currently about 450mb.

We're not sure if that size will lower when the team makes final tweaks for release, or rise as development continues. One thing's for sure. This game couldn't ever have fit on WiiWare!


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09 Nov 2012 14:31

That's still fairly tiny, but much bigger than anything on wiiware
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09 Nov 2012 19:01

The closed beta PC version I have on Steam is only about 395 MB after installation with a Cloud save of only around 202 KB. I guess they either managed to compress whatever they could, or that there's even more content on the Wii U version because of the GamePad feature(s)..

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