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Animal Crossing Sweet Day – 5/5

“Sweet Day may look like it’s saccharine simplicity – but there’s a raw tactical edge beneath the happy smiles.”

The Legend of Zelda Battle Quest – 3/5

“Battle Quest isn’t as patchwork as the art-style would suggest…”

Luigi’s Ghost Mansion – 5/5

“Ghost Mansion is superb, genuinely tense and frequently hilarious. The build-up in tension will have you squealing like a school girl.”

Takamaru’s Ninja Castle – 2/5

“It’s a surprisingly tricky game despite the simplicity: the sort of Nintendo launch game you use to impress visiting friends.”

Donkey Kong Crash Course – 3/5

“Crash Course doesn’t do all that much with the Wii U’s newfound capabilities, and the GamePad’s screen provides little more than a zoomed-in version of the action on your TV. But those minor niggles aside, it’s a tricky bout of skill that’ll see you carve your way through your five lives in no time at all. Hardly essential, but certainly fun.”

Pikmin Adventure – 3/5

“It’s Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum for the brain, but engaging nonetheless.”

Metroid Blast – 3/5

“This is the closest Nintendo Land comes to Deathmatch.”

Mario Chase – 5/5

“This is an indisputable Nintendo Land highlight, and the one you’ll keep coming back to again and again…”

Balloon Trip Breeze – 4/5

“As each level (and in-game day) ends, you attempt a podium landing – which is always a tense and exciting exercise in air traffic control. A total charmer.”

Octopus Dance – 2/5

“Has a weird dual screen system, as you switch screens mid game.”

Yoshi’s Fruit Cart – 2/5

“We love Yoshi’s babbling, but drawing lines on the GamePad screen to let him eat fruit on the top screen makes for a forgettable time. The twist: you can’t see fruit on the smaller device.”

Captain Falcon’s Twister Race – 2/5

“Use the GamePad to steer in Spy Hunter style, top-down racer, which flips to the big screen whenever you go through a tunnel. Switching screens isn’t that fun, though.”


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11 total comments (View all)
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 22:26

I'm out of ratings, but I don't approve of this idea.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 22:33

I'd like a much more in depth review of the minigames.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 22:40

This review gets a 2/5.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 22:45

I'd say another line or two on each mini-game would work. Regardless, at least it gave a good overview of the mini-games.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 22:47

Seems like they just liked the really simple ones best.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 22:55

Honestly I cant wait to play more of the Zelda minigame. Having been my first game experience with a WiiU during the Chicago WiiU Event I thought it was a blast. Lotsa fun, good lord 9 days is taking to long.
User avatar
09 Nov 2012 23:57

It got a nice score though...
would like to see a reviewer praising games for it's art-style, music (games are an audiovisual art) and, the most important thing, for the fun it brings (gameplay attached here)... but no, they want blood, boobs, photorealistic graphics (meh...), expensive budgets, some commercial branded music if it's not something that you can barely hear because of the explosions...
not the case anyway, but it's something that i have seen from many reviewers.
I'm glad I will be able to try some games because of the demos! fuck reviews!
User avatar
10 Nov 2012 00:05

Isn't Metroid Blast primarily a cooperative game? Yet...he calls it Deathmatch. That makes no like of sense.
User avatar
10 Nov 2012 01:07

Wait a sec, there is no Star Fox level?! FOR SHAME!
User avatar
10 Nov 2012 02:51

KingBroly wrote:Isn't Metroid Blast primarily a cooperative game? Yet...he calls it Deathmatch. That makes no like of sense.

there are different modes in it. you can play vs as well. (ship vs samus-mii)
User avatar
10 Nov 2012 09:27

XCWarrior wrote:Wait a sec, there is no Star Fox level?! FOR SHAME!

Welcome to June 2012 :P

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