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12 Nov 2012 00:48

hmmm... framerates seemed fairly stable... allthough its hard to tell through a compressed youtube video..
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 06:46

it looks quite good

the U version could be really cool with that game, with multiplayer on separate screens in particular.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 10:48

The framerate issues have been fixed. The first demos we saw on Wii U were based on an unfinished alpha code, the more recent ones are much closer to the final game. Even Nintendo Power had a small blurb saying "don't worry, prior internet rumblings about the framerate can now be put to rest, the game runs at a very smooth rate."
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 16:45

...I don't get what's going on on the race standings on the GamePad... :S

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