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New Super Mario Bros. U - Haunted Shipwreck in Sparkling Waters

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12 Nov 2012 18:58

I like the music - sounds higher quality.
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12 Nov 2012 19:08

JumpmanFR wrote:Same old musics...

Its funny how comments like this come more than comments on the actual video.

Got a video that shows what Baby Yoshi does underwater? Complain about the music.
Got a cool looking video inspired by Vincent van Gogh? Complain about the music.
Got a video showing what happens when you enter Soda Jungle? Complain about the music.
Got a video showing a wonderful shout-out to the Sunken Ghost Ship? Complain about the music.

What's even funnier is that all these freaking videos display new music anyway.
User avatar
12 Nov 2012 19:17

Love the tribute to the Sunken Ghost Ship Level, it is officially Super Mario World 2!

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