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User avatar
13 Nov 2012 15:03

Those are a lot of One Direction fans.

Good to hear one of my friends made it to the line... this will be quite the tense weekend.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 16:10

I think a handful of consumers' pre-ordered systems will arrive before Sunday. Should be amusing :)
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 19:42

If he only knew... the real first buyer of the Wii U in the whole world won't be him but some random guy. In case no one realized this, the first country/US Territory in the world to get the Wii U is Puerto Rico. We are one hour ahead of the USA's Eastern Time since we don't do DST.
No Avatar
14 Nov 2012 13:08

I don't even think he was the first to get the 3DS rofl
User avatar
14 Nov 2012 15:30

I don't even know what One Direction is XD
User avatar
14 Nov 2012 15:36

kdognumba1 wrote:I don't even know what One Direction is XD

Point with your hand right in front of you. That's one direction. :3

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