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Chasing Aurora's Chase Mode trailer shows a bit of Wii U menu footage

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User avatar
13 Nov 2012 17:33

This game looks like its going to be a lot of fun!

I agree, its definitely an improvement over the Wii.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 17:59

damn... system menu spoiler -.-
the game looks awesome by the way
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 18:34

Is Chasing Aurora a confirmed Day 1 title [anywhere] yet?

... Heck. We really need an eShop Digital-Only titles list Day 1 for the west already!
No Avatar
13 Nov 2012 18:35

I think that the little acoustic theme at the beginning is sexier than the UI.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 19:48

I don't like it... It works for 3DS but this is worse than Wii... Why do u have to screw it up again Nintendo?
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 20:02

... EDIT: It was Private. Now it's not. Huh.
No Avatar
13 Nov 2012 20:08

They had to remove the menu footage. Too bad.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 21:15

you can still see pics if you mouse over the video progress bar ^.^
User avatar
14 Nov 2012 04:18

That thumbnail preview reminds me of Gatchaman for some reason.

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