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Monster Hunter 4 - early game details

- journey begins in a market town known as Barubaré
- this is where many travelers and their caravans get together to sell goods and gather information
- various shops in town for players to find just about everything they need
- meet the leader in town, who will recruit you as part of his caravan troupe
- he'll give you an Insect Staff as your very first weapo
- caravan crew consists of his assistant, who acts as the quest receptionist; a traveling merchant; a blacksmith with his apprentice daughter; and finally, a cooking Felyne
- each one has specialized skills
- second village is called Naguri
- Naguri's volcanic surroundings make for an ideal place for blacksmiths
- several more villages to be revealed
- new destinations mean new unlocked features for your caravan
- freely return to any previous villages at any given time in the game


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User avatar
13 Nov 2012 18:05

Pichu2010 wrote:Localization please

I'm pretty confident we'll get this one, but there's no way they'll announce it before 3 Ultimate comes out, specially if they take as long to localize it as 3U. Which is fine to me, since 3U has a massive amount of content.
User avatar
13 Nov 2012 20:50

Can't wait. It'll come here. I'll be playing Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate until then though. A lot.

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