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REPORT - Tom Hardy game for 'Splinter Cell' movie

Tom Hardy has signed on to star in "Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell," Ubisoft's film adaptation of its popular videogame franchise that Eric Warren Singer ("The International") will write for the company.

Project is the second major movie based on one of its properties that Ubisoft is looking to get on the bigscreen after setting up "Assassin's Creed" at New Regency and Fox, that Michael Fassbender will co-produce and headline.

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14 Nov 2012 22:27

Hmm, this could actually be interesting.

He's a very talented and versatile actor, and has experience in action/spy films. I just wonder how well he can do a deep, gravelly voice. He is a lot younger than Michael Ironside's aging veteran character, but I guess that's to be expected, as it will ensure he can make more films in the future if this one's successful. Shoot, they even replaced Mr. Ironside's voice in the game and redesigned the character model because they were going for something a bit more youthful, so this isn't that strange.

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