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EA calls for universal rating system across all countries, platforms

"But as we are so often told: With great freedom, comes great responsibility. To live up to that responsibility, we need to do a better job informing the consumer, no matter the channel, the platform or the geography. We must adopt a self-regulated, global rating system across every format games are played on." - EA CEO John Riccitiello

Check out the full statement here

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User avatar
15 Nov 2012 17:23

Yeah, all they need is to make the ESRB universal. It does the job fine.

The only problem with that is countries like Australia and whatnot ban the sales of games with certain ratings. As we all know, censorship is the opposite of freedom; it is slavery. Hopefully having such a rating system internationally would allow video games of all ratings to be sold without worry for censorship, and this would also lower the cost of localizing games, which could potentially mean we'd have one less huge reason not to release a game internationally! :D
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 18:02

Yeah cause every country has the exact same values! Amirite?
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 18:11

Really? The CEO of EA should know better than this -_-
No Avatar
15 Nov 2012 18:18

"With great freedom comes great responsibility".

C'mon... it's "with great POWER comes great responsibility". Did you even read or watch Spider-man?
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 20:29

if they do...no need for Nintendo to region lock, cause the rating system would be consistent across the board. The different rating systems is one reason for the region lock, so I've heard....about the parental control yarba.
User avatar
15 Nov 2012 22:36

From their perspective, it's cheaper to sell games, because they spend less $$$ getting reviewed by tons of countries review boards. Plus, it lowers the chances of games being banned in various countries (potentially).

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