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Treyarch says several new Call of Duty: Black Ops II modes in the works

Absolutely. Although we haven't released any details, or even decided which ones, nor could I give you a count or time, we have several games modes we play in development. - Treyarch's David Vonderhaar

Good to know that they're planning that kind of support. Let's just hope whatever they do makes it over to the Wii U version!


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15 Nov 2012 17:56

I very highly doubt it.
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15 Nov 2012 20:18

@Mewtaker Depends on how well it sells on the Wii U, AKA: at least a million or nuts to you guys.
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15 Nov 2012 20:28

Just make Infected or Treyarch equivalent and I'll be fine. That's pretty much the only thing I want added to this game.

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