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France seeing Wii U supply issues as well?

The news of rough Wii U supplies in Europe continues on. Today we hear that the situation in France is quite dire. It seems that most retailers are sold out of the Premium Zombi bundle and Nintendo Land bundle. Replenishment of that stock isn't due until 2013!

The basic pack suffers a bit less. While it's out of stock for day one, the next shipment is expected on Dec. 7th. Again, avoid heartbreak as much as you can by double-checking with your retailer to see if your preorder is safe. Thanks to Julien for the heads up.


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No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 14:32

Oh man, hopefully I'll manage to get one in Germany despite having no pre-order, at least in 2013.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 14:37

At least they're not Poland. Here we got like... 100, maybe 200 units tops. Across all versions that is. :|
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 17:41

When Wii came out back in 2006, my local store got 3 copies of it.. Yayy for preorder :).
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:27

I preordered mine from France...They never said they are not going to be able to fulfill my order, but a little bit after I placed my order, all Sets and Bundles were out of stock.

The games, too, so this makes me suspect that it was just a move they did to stop the preorders which were reaching a critical point...After a day or two, all products were available again...

I don't know what to think of it, but I believe my preorder is safe.

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