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ZombiU survival guide: 5 things you didn't know about the GamePad

It's been shown in one of the recent trailers but most people haven't noticed the fact that there's a radar blip on the GamePad status screen. Tap the radar button, (which appears on the bottom-right, just under the area where it highlights which floor you're on) and you'll send out a pulse

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16 Nov 2012 18:04

OMG! I knew most of these already but when I stopped to think of the potential all these have, grouped together, it amazed me so much that I started laughing out of nowhere, just like a crazy person!

Just imagine, the battery of your flashlight dying a little before you get in front of some zombies, in a completely dark area...You now have to turn it off, while being absolutely silent(zombies can hear you) and stay dead-still for 20 seconds without being able to see anything, making no noise but you can still hear the groans around the corner...And for 20 seconds, you are completely defenseless!

To top this off, imagine this situation again. Now, you hear the groans and you decide to use your motion detector and you see red dots coming at you and the groans sounding louder, only to turn the light on to find some rats around you...
But now, the zombies have seen your light and start coming at you...and suddenly, you flashlight battery dies again...

The horror(in a good way)...

Can't wait to play this game!
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:09

Thanks for hyping me up and then making me remember I won't be buying the WiiU anytime soon :c
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:21


LOL...Sorry, bro, didn't mean to do this...I was just thinking that and found it too awesome to not post it!
No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 21:08

You know, for all the hype about this game's use of the Gamepad, I still haven't seen anything that needs a second screen. Besides, that is, the ability to stand up from your couch and spin around your living room to look for things, which I'm sure will really catch on. :wink:

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