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Iwata on how Nintendo put together Wii U hardware, software prototypes

“We have a team of people who are good at handicraft and they just go ahead and make these things. We try to imagine that if we make this hardware, this is what it should be like and we try it out. Everyone here is really used to making games for the Wii, so we can make a lot of very different games very fast. After you try dozens of different games, you get a good feeling or good response with a few of them.” - Satoru Iwata


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16 Nov 2012 20:23

Mr. Iwata compared the process of developing the Wii U to when it made the Nintendo DS, a portable game machine introduced in 2004. The main feature of the DS was the two screens, one of which used touch technology. While that is quite common today, it was a nascent technology at the time.

What are they talking about? Touch screens like those on the DS had been around for a long time. Anybody remember the whole PDA movement started by Apple's Newton in the early 90's?

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