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Mass Effect 3's DLC future on Wii U looking grim

Just check out these responses that come from the official Mass Effect Twitter on the topic of DLC for Wii U.

I'd say that's some deal-breaking lack of support right there. Why would you grab this version when future DLC can't even be confirmed? Thanks to Dim for the heads up.


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No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:18

More great reason to run out and get the Wii U version.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:21

why did they even bother in the first place.
No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:22

Shaanyboi wrote:yyyyyyeahhhhh... uhhh... if you're looking to play the ME games, play them somewhere else.


EA gives the consumer no other choice really and then complains when they can't sell a game...
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:25

It's funny because this only shows how lazy EA is treating ME on Wii U and will eventually blame the lousy sales on Nintendo and the console.

Well, it's not funny, it's sad, but frankly, it's EA's loss.
No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:28

EA is playing weird games with the Wii U... well, at least the Extended Cut and From Ashes content is included in the special edition. That's all I wanted anyway.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:29

@motherbra1n I wonder the same.

If EA didn't want to support Nintendo with the Wii U then they would've just put out the next Skylanders on the Wii [a sure-fire hit] and have been done with it, surely?
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:34


This. I had hope for it and I was going to buy it, but after hearing this I wont be picking up the game. Good job EA on shooting yourselves in the foot which is losing you customers and money. Oh wait they probably got paid off by Microsoft or Sony so hopefully it was worth it. I thought this generation would be different but it's the same old fanboy sh*t among people who are supposed to be businessmen.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:34

Seems like EA is doing everything to make this game fail thus justifying them not bringing the Trilogy over. Here, here EA. Worst company in the world well deserved.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:35

I like how people care about stupid crap.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:38

LegendofSantiago wrote:@Chosenoneknuckles uh...skylanders is activision though


I think that's the second time I've messed the two up - EA and Activision I mean! :oops: :P

Okie then. Why not just the sports games [sure-fire hits] on the Wii then [very minimal effort].

Not sure why their Wii U support is all over the place [semi-decent, tho not complete Football game, and on the flipside, an atrocious running threequel that will receive no DLC and was sunk by news of cheaper trilogy collections on the other systems prior to launch]. It's :?
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:47

The console hasn't even been released yet and the third party publishers are half-assing it.

Awesome. Hope I'm not wasting $350.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:02


maybe they want the game to flop and are willing to take a loss on just to use it as an excuse to not support the platform.

basically what so many third parties did on the wii
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:26

Still pissy about not turning Wii U into an Origin-only machine, I see.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:29

EA sticking it to the man!
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:37

Coming from EA nothing surprises me anymore...
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:57

Yeah... I won't be getting this game, I'll consider it if they release the trilogy one. Besides according to Legend of Santiago, it's poopy. I refuse to pay money for poop.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 20:00

Really?! EA is the company I would support the least if any of their games interested me.

EA=Egomaniac A$$es
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 20:26

Never played ME before just like the AC games, and was looking forward to getting it day 1. But after this, seems as if EA couldn't give a rat's ass for Nintendo gamers. So Ubisoft will be getting my money on the 30th. Pity though, I like to support local business and Straight Right is Aussie. Still, no dice.
No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 21:01

Only company that diverseness our support really is Ubisoft and Platinum Games, only ones bringing new original IP's.
No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 21:12

I'm all for supporting 3rd party games on the Wii U, but I don't think people should really buy this version if they own any other console. Probably not even if they don't own another console.
User avatar
17 Nov 2012 00:57

Dear people saying ea has something against nintendo:

the second reply about the first two imply ea will carry on their milking ways and release the first 2 games on wii u eventually. Now vote with your wallet and buy mass effect 3 if you want it and you will get these games.

I said it before and I will say it again. Mass effect will come to wii u eventually. Ea milk too much.
No Avatar
17 Nov 2012 16:54

EA's done a remarkable job of making sure the Wii U version of this game is released at the worst possible time, is inferior in all ways to its PS3, Xbox 360, and PC brethren, and they can't even confirm they'll release content everyone else is getting for this version.

How on EARTH do they expect people to pick this version up over the others? They're out of their minds. They're literally sabotaging their own release.

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