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Epic Mickey 2 writer discusses the process, differences from first game

“As a writer, all that stuff is written on Excel sheets as opposed to script. So you’re writing all the dialogue knowing what the changes are, but you don’t have to worry about writing how every little change is going to happen. You write all the contingencies, you’re writing multiple versions of lines depending on which way a character will go and what will happen. It’s a lot of work, and yes, there’s a lot more dialog involved when you have to work with changes and choices that can’t be altered. ...The dialog in the first game was very exposition driven. Characters would just tell you what you needed to do. Now there’s a sense of conversation. You write character dialog in a personal sense, so that dialog comes out of a person’s way of feeling something, liking something, disliking something… whereas just expositional dialog is just informative.” - lead writer Marv Wolfman
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