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Aksys working on fix for Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward

Remember that game-killing bug in Zero Escape? Aksys has confirmed that they're working on a fix.

We're still working on that internally and hopefully can reach a resolution that can result in a fix.

No word on what the fix will be, which means it could be a digital or retail solution at this point.


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No Avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:45

Neat. Hopefully Rising Star will deliver the patch to European and Australian customers, too.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 18:50

I made it through all of VLR just fine
Just don't save in puzzle rooms!
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:46

I had the game crash on me in PEC room, but it didn't corrupt my save file. I managed to do the puzzle in that room straight through and hadn't encountered anymore problems since then.
User avatar
16 Nov 2012 19:56

I just bought the game (Chilean stores are slooooow). I'll wait some time to see if it's fixed before I play it. Luckily I have a huge backlog.

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