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Assassin's Creed III [8]
New Super Mario Bros U [8]
ZombiU [7]
Nintendo Land [7]
Paper Mario: Sticker Star [8]


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17 Nov 2012 11:04

This is out of 10, but a 7 or 8 coming from EDGE is actually good! (these guys use the whole scale yadda yadda)

So these are all good scores :) yay!
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17 Nov 2012 11:43

It's incredible how nintendo games can be reviewed with different scores from all the multi-platform game reviewers. (I mean that a game can even get a 6 or even less and then another reviewer gives it a 10) But with games for other platforms and multiplatform games you'll always see 8.5+ (or at least fair reviews).
I don't give a fuck though, I would better watch some footage or rent the game before buying it. But i just don't get why there are so many mixed reviews.
User avatar
17 Nov 2012 12:49

As BigLord said, a 7 on Edge is very similar to an 8.5 on another website. A 6 on one website will generally be a 4 on Edge, so these scores are pretty good considering.

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