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Skylanders: Giants on Wii U - GamePad details

- fully playable on GamePad
- when playing with TV, GamePad displays character stats
- tap the button on the bottom-left of the GamePad to switch stats for an objectives checklist


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No Avatar
18 Nov 2012 23:12

Really hoping to pick this up for the family for Christmas! We still loving playing the original on the Wii. Would like to avoid purchasing another Portal of Power, but I think it's going to be required.
User avatar
18 Nov 2012 23:34

After debating for a long time, I decided I would get this on Wii. I don't mind not being able to play on the Wii U gamepad. Otherwise, it's the same game. Crew96, if you do the same and buy it for Wii, you can get the Portal Owners Pack that doesn't have another Portal of Power.

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