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Wiis with homebrew content still safe to transfer to Wii U

If you are one of the many people that put homebrew content on your Wii, you needn't worry about an issue when transferring to Wii U. While your homebrew content won't actually transfer over, the Wii U won't have any problem grabbing your content otherwise. You won't get yelled at and all other content still transfers just fine. Thanks to Lyude77 for the heads up!


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User avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:45

"You wont get yelled at" LOL.
No Avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:48

I was seriously afraid it was going to yell at me, or tell me they couldn't transfer my stuff. Thanks for this update!
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:49

Okay good. I have a homebrew'd Wii because the Smash Brothers mods were too tempting to pass up. Pretty cool. I don't have much on my Wii though so there's not much point.
No Avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:50

I was just asking this question to myself just a few minutes ago! It's like someone read my mind!
No Avatar
19 Nov 2012 14:54

Did the transfer on my homebrew'd wii just fine last night. It did hang up on downloading pokemon snap and error out. I was so scared the machine saw the files and decided to send a silent alarm to the nintendo police to come yell at me.

But I started it over again and everything went fine without a hitch. It did transfer my PAL xenoblade saves though :( Was hoping it wouldn't.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 15:11


Just out of curiosity, why not about Xenoblade? Is it because it's evidence of a hacked Wii?

I have homebrew on my Wii to run games off of my hard drive because my disc drive broke a few years ago and I was too cheap to get it fixed (I only run games that I own and buy, not trying to make excuses but I don't want people think I'm part of the piracy problem!).

Since Xenoblade and The Last Story came out months in advance in Europe there was very little demand for NTSC versions on the various pirate sites so I was stuck with PAl versions of the game. No big deal, but now I have PAL saves for Xeno and Last Story, so I'm wondering if I can still use the PAL saves with NTSC discs? I've read I can convert PAL to NTSC via homebrew, so I might try that if all else fails.
User avatar
19 Nov 2012 16:01

Shame. I was hoping it'd brick them...

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