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No Avatar
19 Nov 2012 20:10

Hey where's the part where he made a tantrum because Donkey kong country sold better than Yoshi's crayon island?

or the part where he shouted "I have done that before!!! I DONT WANNA DO THEM AGAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIN!!!! when asked about a new 2D Mario that everybody was asking for?

Or the part where he hired a stupid doll maker that hates zelda to be in charge of zelda?!

Or the part where he blamed marketing for the failure of the virtual boy?

or the part where he shunned online in favor of the GBA-connectivity that no one gave a damn?!

Who made that thing?!
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 02:01

@Bobbuffalo That's some mighty concluding going on there. Must be pretty damn scary to say one thing at some place in a different language, then have the world tear it apart and have the rest of your life remembered for that instant purple monkey dishwasher.

I can't see the world getting far when you just try to focus on all the bad and never have anything to look up to/forward to for motivation.

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