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The 12 decision points of Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

It's no secret that Mass Effect is an expansive series that includes a lot of important choices. The decisions you make impact how things play out in that game and subsequent titles. That's why Mass Effect 3 on Wii U includes a digital graphic novel that allows you to make choices that appeared in the first two games.

In the digital graphic novel, there are 12 major choices for you to make. Here are the storyline elements you'll have to struggle with.

As commander, I knew either relationship had the potential to interfere with the mission. Who does Shepard start a relationship with?

-> Kaiden/Ashley

-> Liara

-> The mission comes first

I was left with an angry Rachni Queen to deal with. She claimed her drones would do no harm if I released her, but the Rachni have terrorized the galaxy before.

-> Save the queen

-> Kill the queen

Full list here

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No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 09:11

Wow, they really dropped the ball on mass effect 2's novel
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 09:45

car9990 wrote:Wow, they really dropped the ball on mass effect 2's novel

I don't think it matters anyways these decisions are meaningless they taking a game were you make choices and live the consequences and boiled it dow 2 S choose yoyr own adventure novel. I dont get why anyone would buy this.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 12:40

"Do the loyalty missions" or "Don't do the loyalty missions"...

...really explaining Mass Effect well for the newbies, aren't ya, EA?
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 12:55

I don't get the logic of this really. It's like "hey guys, we made two games that tie into each other and then the third for you to play. Or, you could just completely skip them out and experience a meaningless (in comparison) novel."

While I don't doubt the WiiU version is probably more fun to play, I'd rather keep my Shepard from 1 & 2.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 14:22

The Mass Effect 2 comic is so poorly done. They should just make you start off with all the ME2 crew dead since people going in without having played the previous games aren't going to care about those characters.
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 16:31

Wow, that ME2 comic is terrible. ME2 was one of my favorite gaming experiences on 360, and starting with ME3 is just pretty much pointless. As much as this game relies on emotional attachment to characters, I don't see how this can be a fun experience for new players.

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