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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed - review

A portion of a SPOnG review...

Tonnes of unlockable content and depth
Innovative, inspiring track design
Simply fantastic presentation

Character roster is largely a missed opportunity
Some framerate drops in places
Perhaps the process of hopping online is too simplified

Full review here

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User avatar
20 Nov 2012 16:37

Perhaps the process of hopping online is too simplified

User avatar
20 Nov 2012 16:52

Basically it's like Mario Kart DS / Wii : Matchmaking or friends. No communities/lobbies. Not a huge problem for me.. I don't use communities that much in MK7.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 18:29

Cool! But I just don't get their problem with the online. -.- I'm actually glad it's that simple, that means I can play with my parents and friends easily as in mario kart, which is a GOOD thing.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 22:30

Having played it, yeah, the roster is a HUGE missed opportunity. I mean.. Danica Patrick? Seriously, guys?

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