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20 Nov 2012 17:27

derula wrote:I thought it was funny, but the ...punch-line... was too obvious.

ooohhh nice one :)
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 18:19

See, I thought the ending was the funniest bit, whereas the rest suffered from DB's overly long build up.
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 21:18

Gyarados aka I only need one Pokemon to win this.

This was Okay, they just need to shorten it a tiny bit more. They could always add the removed sections and make a collection of it having it lead to its respective video.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 21:20

So sad before the end... I could have cried...
No Avatar
20 Nov 2012 22:08

Hahaha... Gyradouche.
Prolly my fav Dorkly Bits in a while.
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 22:53

LMAO... that was a pretty great ending...
User avatar
20 Nov 2012 23:01

Missed opportunity to make a Ditto joke. But that could be it's own episode too.

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