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Hulu Plus launches on Wii U

At Hulu’s development center in Seattle, we spend our time focusing on making the Hulu Plus living room experience delightful for our subscribers. With our latest innovation, we’ve teamed up with Nintendo to bring you a brand new way to watch your favorite current season TV shows on the biggest screen in the house while using a fully integrated second screen experience.

Hulu Plus will be available on the Wii U console starting today. Nintendo’s Wii U offers developers like us an exciting opportunity to build an innovative second screen experience for you through the versatile Wii U GamePad controller. The Hulu Plus integration with the Wii U GamePad is one of my favorite features — it allows you to quickly discover more information about your favorite shows while simultaneously watching them on your big screen at home. The console’s second screen controller also enables you to take the TV viewing experience with you to another room in the house with just the click of a button.

Once the device starts up, Hulu Plus can be found right on the home screen, which makes discovering shows or catching up on new episodes easier than ever.

The Hulu Plus experience on Wii U includes large, vivid artwork that makes it easy to navigate. As you scroll and search, the Wii U GamePad automatically updates to provide rich information about shows, episodes and more. Using the controller, you can start watching instantly or queue up an episode for future viewing.

While watching your favorite show, you can easily move what you’re watching from your big screen to the Wii U GamePad. This feature is perfect for when you step away from the TV and want to take the viewing experience with you throughout your home.

When watching shows on the Wii U GamePad, you still have access to all the controls that you are familiar with. Switching to and from the TV is as simple as tapping the button in the lower right corner.

Wii U will also be home to the new Hulu Kids section. More than 43 shows, including current season Nickelodeon programming, are available commercial-free in this section.

For those of you who are new to service, Hulu Plus is the only video subscription offering current TV programming from hundreds of content partners, including top broadcast networks ABC, Comedy Central, NBC, Nickelodeon, FOX, The CW, Univision and WWE. Hulu Plus subscribers can watch on their PCs, Internet-connected TVs, Blu-ray players, streaming media players, gaming consoles, mobile phones and tablets – all for $7.99/month with limited advertising. For many popular shows on our service, Hulu Plus offers every episode of the current season, not just a handful of recent episodes. Hulu Plus subscribers also have access to back seasons and full runs of some of TV’s greatest shows, including many that were not available online before.

If you are new to Hulu Plus and want to try our service on the Wii U, we’re offering a free 1-week trial now: http://www.huluplus.com/WiiTV

I hope you are as excited as we are about this new experience. Let us know what you think.


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10 total comments (View all)
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 00:32

Yay- but where is it on 3DS? :(
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 00:35

I'm not currently a subscriber but I am very happy to see this service integrated into the Wii U. And it came so soon after launch. Now I am ready for TVii.
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 00:37

if anyone wants a free trial don't use the one provided in the press release, use this instead --->https://secure.hulu.com/plus/WiiU< it's a 1-month trial instead
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 01:24

*patiently waits for YouTube*

I want Game Grumps on the big screen!
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 02:41

I wish there was an HBO channel.
No Avatar
21 Nov 2012 03:23

komicturtle92 wrote:Yay- but where is it on 3DS? :(

User avatar
21 Nov 2012 04:09

Rhyno15 wrote:*patiently waits for YouTube*

I want Game Grumps on the big screen!

YouTube works really well on the web browser so try it there.
User avatar
21 Nov 2012 14:09

Rhyno15 wrote:*patiently waits for YouTube*

I want Game Grumps on the big screen!

Somebody else mentioned it, but YouTube works very well in the browser. I used it for over an hour last night with our young ones showing them videos that we usually use the computer for.
I literally was thinking, "The YouTube Channel isn't even really needed with this functionality."
No Avatar
21 Nov 2012 16:02

Yes, Youtube works very well in the browser. Pretty much the only reason for an app is to maybe just go straight into Youtube itself w/o having to load up the browser. But even that isn't a hassle because it is quite fast.
User avatar
25 Nov 2012 23:48

Aaaaaand the problem with Hulu as a WiiU app is the same as Hulu on pretty much every other platform I've tried: not the platform, not the playback, but the ads.

Hulu frequently stalls, and not on the Ninja Turtle episodes (which I am loving, bee tee doubleyou), but the shows with built-in ads. The app tries to load the ads, it bombs out, I spend an hour trying to get through sixty seconds of ads, and my chance to catch up on the current season of Castle turns into a real-time nightmare.

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