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Netflix's '@' symbol issue fixed

Coming from Netflix...

If you have been unable to sign in to Netflix on your Wii U, the "@" key issue has been fixed!

Now you can go back to using your old password with the @ symbol. Is it strange that I never even think of using that symbol in my passwords?


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21 Nov 2012 16:02

That was speedy! I'm glad to hear it's fixed!
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21 Nov 2012 16:48

Is there an option to make SD content full screen or wide screen or fit screen mode? I'm wondering because the Xbox 360 Netflix had this feature for content that didn't fill the screen completely and if there is, how do I access this option. Also, has anyone else noticed a slight lag when your watching on the gamepad. It's barely noticeable but it's there, or at least I think it's there. I can tell by the lip syncing. Can anyone confirm or deny this for me please and thanks.

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