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Thanks, NintenDaan!

With that, NintenDaan is done for this Wednesday. He'll most likely return for next week. How could I not have him back with the excellent job he's doing?!

Of course, a thank-you to Poopaloop for the art as well!

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21 Nov 2012 23:19

Yes more Nintendaan less Gimpee!
No Avatar
21 Nov 2012 23:23

I think Nintendaan is doing a great job filling in.
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22 Nov 2012 00:18

Artist really needs to do something about that dick-nose though...
No Avatar
22 Nov 2012 02:06

Poopaloop... you're a genius.
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22 Nov 2012 08:38

What happened to Gimpee?
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22 Nov 2012 10:16

Downvoting Nintendaan for being too sexy.
User avatar
22 Nov 2012 18:54

dat link's awakening font

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