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Zeboyd Games interested in Wii U, not sure if they qualify for game development

"I think it's definitely a good sign that the Wii U online shop already has some relatively high profile new indie games at launch. The big question I have is if Nintendo still requires indie developers to have a secure office space. That's a huge barrier to smaller indie developers like us who work from home. ...maybe we'll support it down the road." - Zeboyd Games founder Robert Boyd

I remember other devs complaining about this with WiiWare. I'm hopeful Nintendo dropped this odd requirement.


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23 Nov 2012 17:24

Anything noteworthy they have made?
No Avatar
23 Nov 2012 17:26

LegendofSantiago wrote:Anything noteworthy they have made?

Breath of Death 7, Cthulu Saves the World, and Penny Arcade Adventures ep 3
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23 Nov 2012 17:32

@DogglordI heard of at least 2 of those, that's something right?
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23 Nov 2012 17:39

Cthulhu Saves the World was pretty fun for what it's worth (it's currently 99 cents again during the Autumn Sale on Steam, as usual bundled with the not-exactly-as-great Breath of Death VII), pretty amazing soundtrack too. While Cthulhu has already been a huge step up gameplay-wise from BoD7 and I'm not familiar with the Penny-Arcade-games (just not interested in the brand), I'd love to see these guys continue polishing the Parody-RPG-formula.
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23 Nov 2012 18:09

It's really an odd requirement, it's quite logical. Having a secure, alarmed office with CCTV means that if anything happens to the devkit there is some form of accountability. It would only take one devkit to mysteriously go missing from a developer's house to cause a world of trouble.
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23 Nov 2012 18:21

not sure if they qualify for game development

Hey! That sounds like me!

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24 Nov 2012 05:43

Sadly, that requirement is still in place from what I heard.

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