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Epic Mickey 2 delayed in the Benelux region

Looks like fans of Mickey in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) region will have to wait a bit longer for Epic Mickey 2. The title has been delayed to Dec. 7th, so the release isn't that far off. With the reviews the title is getting, it might be best to skip this one altogether. Thanks to Stefan for the heads up.


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26 Nov 2012 15:28

Definitely not worth skipping. It might have some of the same issues Epic Mickey had, and a couple more of its own to boot, but it's still an utterly charming game. Loving it so far.
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 15:31

Glad I got the Wii version -- as it was cheaper. The only problem I have had is what the split screen is hard to follow. Of course, that is not unique to this game. (Plus my 10-year-old son wore the rabbit ears for two days.)

Mike from Morgantown
User avatar
26 Nov 2012 15:45

This is only for the botched up Wii U port. All other versions are already being sold here.
No Avatar
26 Nov 2012 16:30

Personally I'm quite liking this game and the 3DS counterpart. Yes, both are flawed in some respects, still I'm enjoying them both. The review scores are baffling to me. I suspect if it had been an exclusive to one console it would have been much improved. Perhaps the dev team got spread too thin. It's certainly a try before you buy type game, but certainly worth a look. It didn't help that many reviewers seemed to play the PS360 version and I doubt there are many Mickey fans in that crowd.
It didn't help that the initial artwork for Epic Mickey was so promising and the finished product was quite different.
I'm pretty sure in ten years or so we'll be seeing articles about how EM was an important part of some game journalists
initial exposure to games and how wonderful it was to play.

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