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Chotto Nintendo Direct: New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Golden Classic Pack

Direct link here (thanks NintenDaan!)

This DLC pack is now available in Japan, costing the lovely price of 0 yen. That's right, the pack is free! It won't be that way forever, though. After Jan. 31st, the price will be raised to 200 yen. Levels are based on classic Mario stages, including Mario Bros. Round 1, SMB1 1-1, 1-2, 1-4, SMB3 1-1, 1-5.


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No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 01:16

Very cool, please come here
No Avatar
27 Nov 2012 01:52

I hope it comes to North America!
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 01:52

I think it's pretty much a given that it will. They've made it so they won't let it go to waste. The only question is will it be free here for a limited time too? I hope so.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 03:40

Cool! Hoping it will be free around here too...
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 05:48

Now, this is one I WILL download. If it's the same price here.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 06:53

Hm, seems we already have it in Europe - my friend downloaded it earlier today. It's free here too. Getting it as soon as I'm home!
(Guessing you Americans don't have it yet?)
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 08:02

Tis a shame, already got rid of my copy after I completed it, be nice if they done some form of xmas pack for 3d Land. Overall its good nintendo are finally extending the life of games with these packs
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 09:55

Reggie said that it would cost $9.99 on America, deal with it.
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 11:00

it's already out for noa, and it's free as well
User avatar
27 Nov 2012 12:34

I hope they do another classic level pack that's harder. I've already collected 30,000 coins in this pack. What a great gift though. Thank You Nintendo!

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